How To Get Real Estate Leads On kvCORE

Get Real Estate Leads On kvCORE
Get Real Estate Leads On kvCORE

kvCORE is a customer relationship management system that helps real estate agents easily capture and communicate with leads. In this post, we’ll cover five of the best features to help you create a kvCORE website for maximum real estate lead generation. We’ll also talk you through how to get “Real Estate Leads On kvCORE.”

Get Real Estate Leads On kvCORE
Get Real Estate Leads On kvCORE

What Is “Real Estate” Lead Generation?

The process of attracting and turning a prospect into someone who is interested in your products or services is referred to as lead generation. Someone who is interested in using your services to rent, buy, or sell their home in the case of a real estate business.

How Does kvCORE Generate Leads For Your Real Estate Business?

The kvCORE Platform is all about turning leads and contacts into lifetime clients. This means we take leads from any source out there including Zillow Group,, and more using our Zapier integration. No more managing leads in a dozen different systems.

What Does kvCORE Provide You?

  • IDX squeeze pages
  • Landing pages
  • Smart number paired with agent text code
  • CMA builder
  • Open house app

IDX Squeeze Pages On kVCORE:

kvCORE squeeze pages use a direct connection to your MLS to leverage the properties listed to generate real estate leads. You can make multi-property squeeze pages that include different options, for example; save searches, just listed, open houses, to-lets and etc. Every search you’ve made has your information on there so home buyers and sellers aren’t tempted to contact any third-party agent like Zillow, and etc. This feature can also create single property listings here. 

You can also create seller squeeze pages that deliver market reports instantly and lastly, you can create independent market reports. You can also filter out the demographics such as cities, states, and areas as well. 

Landing Pages:

Landing pages are different than squeeze pages. The specialty of this feature is that it is non-IDX. It’s more flexible and gives you the capability to launch pretty much any type of campaign you want so with landing pages you can offer a variety of things such as; cheat sheets, newsletters, forms and etc. 

The significance of landing pages is that they are clear and also give people the ability to give you their own contact pieces of information, so stop using other third-party apps and start using kvCORE as it’s a one-stop solution for getting real estate leads.

Smart Number Paired With Agent Text Code:

A smart number can be shared with several agents, but you also have the option of purchasing your own even if you’re sharing a smart number then kvCORE is able to differentiate the difference between everybody’s leads. 

Another way to identify new leads is through the agent text code. This code is personal to you and can be placed anywhere you want, such as; on your website, on your sign writers, blogs and etc. 

This will allow you to ask people to text you that personal code to your smart number and kvCORE will map that directly to you and that will also help you set up automated responses so it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, your new fresh leads are being taken care of by kvCORE.

This feature works great with the Facebook marketplace, messenger, and Craigslist. 

CMA Builder:

It’s not a passive way but an active way. It works faster and delivers a four-page that is fairly digestible. 

Like any other CMA builder, it’s not a replacement for the CMA that you’ll create for your clients. It will help you give a jump start and a reference guide to work from if you need an answer on the spot. 

Open House App:

This feature also helps with real estate lead generation. It’s an app that you can use when you’re hosting open houses and as people fall onto your house you can ask them to sign in to your app which is much better than the old-school pen and paper.

It will also capture the information of the prospect and sync it with kvCORe so that you can avoid the hassle of inputting information for each of them. It will give you feedback on the houses and how people are looking at them. 

5 Simple kvCORE Website Tips For Generating Leads:

  • Personalized Smart Number

  • Market Your Brokerage’s Listings to Social Media

  • Create Custom Text Codes

  • Add a Facebook Pixel To Your Page

  • Add a Custom Page to your Menu Bar

Personalized Smart Number:

kvCORE lets you have your own personalized smart number for a $27 monthly fee. This is worth the cost, for a number of reasons. 

If your brokerage provided you with kvCORE, you’ll definitely want to have your own personalized smart number. Otherwise, you’ll be sharing the same number with all the other agents in your brokerage.

Most importantly, you’ll need a smart number if you’re just looking to take advantage of the entire range of kvCORE’s features. This includes unlocking the full potential of marketing, lead generation, and text messaging features.

How to:

1. To set up your smart number, go to the Marketplace, and click on the “Learn More” button under “Smart Phone Add-On.”

2. On the next screen just hit “Add to kvCORE” and you’ll be taken to a form where you can fill out your billing information.

Market Your Brokerage’s Listings to Social Media:

The second feature of this kvCORE website training is that you can easily share listings from other agents in your same brokerage and post them on your own social media. However, before you do this you need to check to make sure that this is an acceptable practice at your brokerage.

To access all the listings for your brokerage, go to the menu bar on the left and click on “Listings” to bring up all the listings that are on the MLS.

How to:

  1. Go to the “Filters” option in the top left and filter by Agency Listings to see all the ones from your own brokerage.

Sharing listings from other agents in your own brokerage is especially helpful if you’re a newer agent. This is because it’ll get your name to show up more often on peoples’ feeds, which will make it look like you’re doing a lot of business.

Plus, as you share these listings to your feed, buy/sell groups, and anywhere else you can get eyeballs on it, you’ll generate leads for free anytime someone completes the popup.

Create Custom Text Codes:

kvCORE also makes it simple to set up custom text codes to use on all your sign riders and social media.

Text codes are a great way to easily generate leads. If you sign up for the personalized smart number mentioned above, you save $17/month (the cost to generate text codes on other platforms) for this feature because it comes included when you receive your number.

One strategy is to create a handful of custom codes that you can reuse, rather than making a unique code for every single sign rider for each new listing.

Many agents create custom text codes based on the address of the property. For example, if the listing address is 1234 Main Street, the code will be “1234.” 

However, I recommend using something more permanent that you won’t have to change all the time, such as your last name. This would look like “Handy1.” This way, you can just change out which listing the code links to while keeping the code the same.

How to:

  1. Head over to the Lead Engine and go to the Call Capture feature.
  2. On the right side of the menu, you’ll see an option for “Custom Text Codes,” where you can add new codes or edit existing ones. 

Add a Facebook Pixel To Your Page:

The next feature in this kvCORE website training has to do with setting up Facebook pixels. Even if you don’t know anything about pixels or retargeting, you should definitely make sure you take advantage of this feature. Thankfully, kvCORE makes it simple to install one on your website. 

Facebook pixels are important because they allow your website to link up to Facebook. When somebody comes to your website it sends a trigger to Facebook, which will then find that person’s account. 

This allows you to create a targeted audience that you can advertise to on Facebook. This audience will have already visited your website and shown some interest, which makes them likely to convert into clients. This entire process is called retargeting.

kvCORE has an option to set up a pixel from within the Marketplace dashboard, which is the quickest and easiest way to get it running.

In order to use a pixel, you must have a Facebook Business Page. You won’t be able to use one if you only have a personal account.

Add a Custom Page to your Menu Bar:

The custom menu bar gives you a lot of flexibility on what you can use your website for. This allows you to add additional links in the menu bar for whatever it is that you want to promote.

For my own site, I’ve added links for new realtors to sign up for a free 30-minute private eXp Reality demo. However, you can put links to anything in your custom menu.

Your menu bar can have links to zoom buyer presentations, zoom CMAs, buyer consultations, any calls to action you would like visitors to take, and anything you think is important to highlight on your website.

How to:

  1. Set up the custom menu bar, go into your webinar IDX feed, and click on the “Site Content” button.
  2. Go to “Custom Pages.”
  3. Select “Add a New Page.”
  4. Choose a page title that reflects the category of the link content. This title is internal and won’t be seen by your website viewers. You can skip the content box and head directly to the URL section. This is where you’re going to put the link to your external page.
  5. Lastly, select “New Category” for your page. This is where you’ll enter the title that will be seen in the menu bar. Once you’re done, just hit save.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, this kvCORE website training and real estate lead-generating ideas have shown all the ways that the system can help you save time and effort when it comes to generating leads.

kvCORE also helps you easily and effectively communicate with those leads, so that you can work on turning them into happy, satisfied clients.

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Thank you for reading and being with us!