How to Find Wholesalers in the USA Using LeadStal

How to Find Wholesalers in the USA Using LeadStal

Discover the simplest way to find wholesalers in the USA using LeadStal! Learn how to streamline your supply chain and boost your profits with our step-by-step guide. Start connecting with top-notch suppliers today and take your business to new heights. Don’t wait—unlock your business’s potential with LeadStal now!

Understanding the Importance of Finding the Right Wholesalers

  • Cost Efficiency: Partnering with the right wholesalers can significantly reduce your procurement costs, increasing your profit margins.
  • Product Quality: Reliable wholesalers ensure consistent quality, helping you maintain high standards and customer satisfaction.
  • Supply Chain Stability: Establishing strong relationships with dependable wholesalers reduces the risk of supply chain disruptions, ensuring steady inventory flow.
  • Business Growth: Access to various quality products at competitive prices can help you expand your product offerings and scale your business.
  • Competitive Advantage: Efficient sourcing from reputable wholesalers gives you a competitive edge by offering better products at attractive prices.

Why Use LeadStal for Finding Wholesalers in the USA

LeadStal is a lead generation tool designed to extract accurate and reliable bulk data or contact information easily. It is a user-friendly and affordable SAAS platform. By using LeadStal to find wholesalers in the USA, it will save you time and money. As the blog progresses, you will learn the process easily.

How to Find Wholesalers in the USA Using LeadStal

Firstly, sign up and Install LeadStal for free. Here is the step-by-step process.

Sign Up and Install LeadStal for Free

LeadStal get started for free button

Browse to LeadStal and sign up for free within a second!

LeadStal Google Maps Lead Generator

Next, click on the “Services” and “Google Maps Leads Generator” buttons on the top right. As soon as you are on the page, click on the “Add to Chrome Button” to install ” Google Maps Leads Generator” for extracting  UAE distributors’ leads from Google Maps.

Google Maps Leads Generator by LeadStal

Add to Chrome: Now click on the “Services” and ” Google Maps Lead Generator” button on the top right. Afterward, click on the “Add to Chrome” button and install the  Google Map Lead Generator. (See images above/Follow the arrow)

gmap leads generator by leadstal (7)

Next, download the folder(Follow the arrow in the image above)

Google Maps Leads Generator

Now, Extract the folders from the ZIP folder as per the above image

GMaps Leads Generator by LeadStal

Google Map Lead Generator

Google Map Lead Generator by Leadstal

 The Final Installation Process: Later on, go to the Google browser, and click on the three dots(…) on the top right, afterward click on “Extension” and “Manage Extension” and turn on the “Developer mode“(follow the image above), afterward, click on the “Load Unpacked“(Follow image) and select downloaded “GMaps Leads Generator” folder. (Follow the image). Finally, the Google Map Lead Generator Chrome extension is installed. Next, we will extract data from Google Maps.

How to Find Wholesalers in the USA Using LeadStal

Firstly, click on the “GMaps Leads Generator” extension in your browser. Wait for the navigating page. Afterward, click on the “” (Follow the below images)

Google Maps Leads Generator

GMap leads generator

Generate Leads: Next, as soon as the Google Maps search page appears on the screen type ” Wholesalers in the USA”, afterward click on the “Generate Leads” button(Read button/See image below)

Find Grocery wholesaler leads in Illinois using LeadStal

Find Grocery wholesaler leads in Illinois using LeadStal

Find Grocery wholesaler leads in Illinois using LeadStal

Find wholesaler leads in Illinois using LeadStal

Find Grocery wholesaler leads in Illinois using LeadStal

Find Grocery wholesaler leads in Illinois using LeadStal

View Result: After a few seconds, the GMaps leads generator will start to extract leads as per your recommendation. After a while press the view result button as per the image above and if required you can filter data as per your need or else you can export all the data points to CSV and Excel. (Follow the above images)

Finally, I hope you have gained insights into the process of signing up and installing LeadStal Google Maps Leads Generator and how to find wholesalers in the USA using LeadStal.

Is LeadStal’s Google Maps Scraper Costly?

No, it is the cheapest in the market. Here is why:

  • Firstly, the Free plan: 20 credits or valid data per month
  • Secondly, the Standard plan: US$9.99 for 2800 credits per month
  • Thirdly, the Business plan: US$35 per month for 10,000 credits per month
  • Lastly, Premium plan: US$ 250 per month for 100,000 credits
  • Finally, LeadStal has a customized plan. So, contact customer care and buy your plan as per your requirements.

Sign Up for Free to Learn More

Price Comparison Between LeadStal | Bright Data | Apify | Phantombuster | ScrapingBee

Acknowledgment: Best Instagram Profile Scraper in 2024(LeadStal)

Tool Free Tier Paid Plans Features in Free Tier
LeadStal Yes (20 credits/month) Starts at $9.99/month All features; 20credits for basic scraping
Bright Data Yes (limited usage) Varies by data type & usage Limited data extraction, basic features
Apify Yes (limited usage) Starts at $29/month Access to shared scraping actors, limited runtime
PhantomBuster Yes (limited usage) Starts at $49/month Access to 1-2 social media scrapers, limited data
ScrapingBee Yes (limited usage) Pay-as-you-go 100 free requests, basic features
  • LeadStal: LeadStal offers a free tier with 20 monthly credits, allowing you to access all features but with limited usage. Their paid plans start at $9.99 and offer increased credits and additional features.
  • Bright Data: Their free tier has limitations on data type, volume, and usage duration. Specific details require contacting them. Paid plans are priced based on your specific data needs and usage. Click here for additional information.
  • Apify: The free tier provides access to shared scraping actors with limited runtime and features. Paid plans start at $29 and offer private actors, longer runtimes, and more features. Click here for a free sign-up!
  • PhantomBuster: Free tier grants access to 1-2 basic social media scrapers with limited data extraction. Paid plans start at $49 and offer more scrapers, data, and features. Sign -up for a free trial!
  • ScrapingBee: The free tier includes 100 requests with basic features. Paid plans are pay-as-you-go, starting at $0.10 per request. Try ScrapingBee for Free!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Understanding the Legal Implications of Email Scraping

Email scraping involves extracting email addresses from online sources. Its legality varies globally, governed by regulations like the CAN-SPAM Act, GDPR, and other regional laws, impacting how and when it can be used. Here is the legal status of email scraping in different regions:

United States
The legality of email scraping in the U.S. is primarily governed by the CAN-SPAM Act, which regulates commercial emails. While the act doesn’t explicitly ban email scraper tools, it mandates compliance with specific rules for sending commercial emails, such as providing an opt-out mechanism and avoiding misleading headers.
In 2024, Meta Corporation dropped its lawsuit against BrightData. In 2022, LinkedIn lost a legal battle over data scraping, setting a precedent that permits using an email scraper tool to collect publicly accessible email addresses in the U.S., provided they don’t require special authorization.

European Union
Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), using an email scraping tool is likely illegal if individuals haven’t explicitly permitted their data to be processed. The GDPR requires unambiguous consent before processing personal data (such as email addresses) and enforces strict data collection and usage guidelines.

Other Regions
Several other countries have data protection laws affecting the legality of email scraping. For instance, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and Australia’s Spam Act mandate explicit consent before sending commercial electronic communications.
Furthermore, many websites include “Terms of Service” clauses that prohibit harvesting email addresses or other data. Violating these terms can lead to account bans and potential legal consequences.

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Final Remarks

Finding the right wholesaler in the USA using LeadStal, is crucial for business growth. LeadStal simplifies this process, making it easy to locate and connect with potential distributors efficiently. By following the steps outlined above, you’ll be well-equipped to expand your distribution network and enhance your market presence.