Cleaning Business and 8 Ways to Generate Leads

Cleaning Business and 8 Ways to Generate Leads
Cleaning Business and 8 Ways to Generate Leads

Today, let’s discuss 8 easy ways to generate leads for a house cleaning business. As urbanization is rising we are becoming more modern and looking for options that will make our life easy and straightforward. Keeping this issue in mind businesses are also trying to invent products/services that will make our life uncomplicated and manageable. Such a business is the cleaning business. A cleaning business carries out heavy cleansing tasks and special projects. It also stocks and maintains cleaning product supplies. The cleaning business provides vacuuming and mopping the floors, general bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and dusting.

Cleaning Business and 8 Ways to Generate Leads
Cleaning Business and 8 Ways to Generate Leads

Why do we need a cleaning business in our daily lives?

We are in a rat race, always running. Always running after money to make a life for ourselves. People are all so busy and loaded with work that we often forget to make our house a home. We lack the time to do the daily household chores which are required to keep our houses clean and fresh. In a situation like this, the house cleaning service steps in.

They offer to make our lives easier by providing their services. When we are tied up with work and can’t do it ourselves, that’s when we need them to clean our houses, kitchens, and bathrooms for us. They would do it in exchange for a minimal fee which would save both our time and energy, so it is very essential to generate leads for your house cleaning business to thrive.  

Is the cleaning business profitable?

Any business is profitable if you do it with passion and put genuine effort into it. A cleaning business can also be profitable as it is in high demand and is required on a regular basis by the clients.

It also has good growth opportunities so you can expand the business if you can. Cleaning businesses are profitable because it requires a low amount of overhead expenses and capital. It is a line of work with almost unlimited opportunities and customers, and even a simple operation can see big profits.

There are two types of cleaning services

There are two types of cleaning services, “Residential Cleaning” & “Commercial Cleaning.” 

We will be talking about the difference between the two types of cleaning services below.

Residential Cleaning Commercial Cleaning
Day cleaning Night Cleaning
Personal Space Work Space
More Details Fewer Details
Slower Cleaning Faster Cleaning
More Client Communication Less Client Communication
Less Competition More Competition

How to Generate Leads for your Cleaning Business?

  • Direct Mail
  • Online Reviews
  • Customer Referrals
  • Bulk SMS
  • Lead Magnets
  • Area-based SEO
  • Facebook and Google Ads
  • Warm emails and Cold Calls

Direct Mail

This is the best way to generate leads in this business. It is an old-school but effective method. What do we mean by “Direct Mail”? Direct mail can be flyers, brochures, local newspaper ads, posters, etc. This method does not require a huge investment but gives out the maximum output. Let’s see how:

Flyers/Leaflets – You can distribute flyers/leaflets randomly to anyone, anywhere. Suppose, your targeted audience is office-going people then you can stand in front of their office building and when you see someone coming out of it then you can hand them over your flyer/leaflet to know that your business is there to help them. 

Brochure – You can print a brochure and put it in magazines or newspapers for them to reach people in different locations. 

Local newspaper – You can put up an eye-catching advertisement in your local newspaper to generate leads in your area.

Posters – You can print attractive and colorful posters and stick them on the walls of the roads or subways or shops to generate leads through them. 

Online Reviews

When you’re done providing your service to a customer, request them to put up an online review to help your business. Nowadays, reviews work like magic. Before taking any service the customers read reviews written by other customers who have already taken that service.

Based on a good/bad review, a customer decides whether they will take the service or not. So, satisfy your customer so that they put up a good review about you online for other clients to read and move forward with you. 

Customer Referrals

Word of mouth! This is another fascinating method to generate leads. Customer referral/word of mouth helps a business a ton. If your existing customers are pleased with your service then they will suggest their friends/families take service from you.

That way, you will gain more leads. Try to give out some incentives to keep your existing customers motivated so that they refer more people to you. You can incentivize them with discounts, prizes, and offers. 

Bulk SMS

This is a modern method of advertisement. We all have smartphones in our hands with a network in them to receive messages/SMS. You can get lead generation software where you are able to send bulk SMS to plenty of your targeted audiences. You can advertise your business and let them know what you do and how easily they can take the service from you. 92% of people check their inboxes so you will at least gain 30% leads through this bulk SMS method. 

Lead Magnets

What is a “Lead Magnet”? A lead magnet is lead generation software that scrapes out the information of a customer/visitor and makes a database out of it. Suppose, you’re putting up a form/survey which is to be filled out when entering your website or page.

There, you will be able to get the information of the visitors that have viewed/entered your website/page. That way you can contact them later asking if they still need the service from you or not. This is a good way to turn a prospect into your customer.

Area-based SEO

Try to list your company in a local SEO. When people from a specific area or locality will be searching for similar services then your company’s name will pop up at the top. People always select the companies which are at the top and easy for them to reach out to. Suppose, your company is California based then people searching for cleaning services in California will get your information at the top. You will be able to generate local leads easily by this method.

Facebook and Google Ads

We are talking about social media ads here. Social media ads proved to be 40% more successful than printed ads. We suggest you put up your company’s ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, etc to reach more valuable leads. Social media makes our lives much more unchallenging and smoother so we always try to find solutions in social media and guess what? We actually get better solutions there. So try to be very active in your business social media accounts as that will help you generate high-quality leads. 

Warm emails and Cold Calls

This is the most common and safer way to generate leads. If you have a valid database in your hand then we suggest you send out warm emails to them with all the details of your company as to what it does, how much it charges, how it can assist them, and why they should take your services.

Cold calls are also similar but here you’ll be calling your targeted audiences and talking to them about your business. We suggest you be as communicative as you can and make them understand your business and how you can help them. It is also a great way to turn prospects into your customers. 


However, we have already explained how you can generate leads for your house cleaning business and whether it is a profitable business or not. If you’re looking forward to starting a cleaning business, we suggest you go ahead with it but do consider the pros and cons of it. Also, keep our tips in mind.

Thank you for reading. We have similar blogs, such as: “How To Get Leads On LinkedIn” only to help you people and make things easier for you to decide. Good luck!


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