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Hello Internet! A new day and a new topic. Today, our topic is Google Map Scraper: How to scrape Google Maps with ease. Afterward,  we will show you how to scrape Google Maps using different methods and with a cost-effective and user-friendly tool. 

Overall, you will be able to generate leads by scraping Google Maps within the legal framework and be able to formulate a database for your business. Afterward, we will discuss the  reasons for Google Maps’ Scraping

Google Map Scraper by LeadStal


Advantages of Scraping Google Maps for Lead Generation

Scraping Google Maps for lead generation offers numerous advantages for businesses and professionals seeking to expand their customer base and reach. Here are some compelling reasons why Google Maps extraction  is a valuable tool for lead generation:

  • Rich Data Source: Access business listings, contact info, reviews, and more.

  • Targeted Leads: Specify criteria for highly relevant leads.

  • Time Efficiency: Automates lead generation, saving hours.

  • Fresh Data: Real-time updates ensure accuracy.

  • Cost-Effective: Compared to buying leads or advertising, scraping is budget-friendly.

  • Customization: Tailor lead generation to your goals (B2B, local, etc.).

  • Increased Sales Opportunities: Broaden your reach for more potential sales.

  • Data Enrichment: Enhance scraped data with social profiles, websites, etc.

  • Scalability: Fits businesses of all sizes, adapting as you grow.

  • Geographic Targeting: Focus on specific regions or localities.

  • User-Friendly Tools: Accessible to all tech levels.

In summary, scraping Google Maps for leads is a potent, efficient, and cost-effective strategy that provides precise access to high-quality information. It’s a significant advantage in today’s competitive marketplace. Next, we will learn some methods of Google Maps Scraping.

Step-By-Step Methods to Scrape Google Maps Using Google Map Scraper

Scraping Google Maps can be useful for various purposes, but it’s essential to approach this task responsibly and ethically. Here are three methods you can consider for scraping Google Maps data:

Google Maps JavaScript API

  • Google provides an official API that allows you to access various data from Google Maps programmatically.
  • You can retrieve information such as place details, directions, distances, and geocoding.
  • To use this API, you’ll need to sign up for a Google Cloud account and obtain an API key, and you may incur usage costs depending on your usage levels.
  • The Google Maps JavaScript API is the most legitimate and ethical way to access Google Maps data.
  • However, it has some disadvantages as well, which are costs, usage restrictions, privacy concerns, limitations, Google dependency, and overall complexity. 

Web Scraping with Python

  • You can use web scraping libraries like BeautifulSoup and Selenium in Python to scrape data from the Google Maps website.
  • While this method can be effective, it’s essential to be aware of the legal and ethical implications. Google’s Terms of Service prohibit scraping, and scraping may lead to IP bans or legal consequences if not done responsibly.
  • Respect robots.txt guidelines and rate-limit your requests to avoid detection.
  • Overall, this process is complex, provides limited data, and has legal risks.

Third-Party Scraping Tools:

  • There are third-party scraping tools and services available that are designed explicitly for scraping Google Maps data. These tools may offer more advanced features and easier setups.
  • Examples include tools like Google Maps Scraper by LeadStal,  Octoparse, ParseHub, or Google Map Scrapers. Be sure to choose a reputable agency and adhere to its usage guidelines.
  • Note that using third-party tools may also have legal and ethical implications, so proceed with caution.
  • Overall, these Google Maps Scraper tools are cost-effective, fast, accurate, effective, and scrape data within the Google Maps compliance. 

Regardless of the method you choose, it’s crucial to read and comply with Google’s Terms of Service and respect the website’s terms and conditions. Webpage scraping should be done responsibly and used only for lawful purposes, such as research or data analysis. Next, we will suggest a third-party tool that is easy to use, budget-friendly, quick, accurate, and effective. 

Google Maps Scraper | LeadStal– Effective and Affordable

Now, we will give an insight into this Google Maps Scraper. Moreover, we will discuss their key features, and prices, and show the step-by-step process to scrape Google Maps. 

Key Features LeadStal’s Google Map Scraper

  • GMap Lead Generator is Free to Install
  •  Fastest G map Data Extractor Tool for data scraping from Google Maps
  •  This is the best Google map extractor, Find Valid Email Addresses.
  •  Social Media Links
  •  Filter Listings Before Extracting
  • Export files to CSV and Excel format
  • 24/7 helpline

What Types of Data Can You Extract Using Google Map Scraper?

  • Firstly, the Business Name
  • Secondly, Subtitle
  • Thirdly, Category
  • Additionally, Address
  • Furthermore, Phone Number
  • Moreover, Ratings
  • Besides that, Reviews
  • Also, Emails
  • In addition, Websites
  • Afterward, contact person
  • Lastly, this Google Maps extractor  Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube), Valid Emails

Any Free Plan?

Yes, they have a free plan for new users to get acquainted with the tool and also to understand its effectiveness, accuracy, and reliability. The free plan includes 20 credits means 20 valid leads per user per month. Other paid plans are as follows:

Cost-Effective Paid Plan

  • Firstly, the standard plan: US$10 per month for 2800 credits of valid leads or valid emails
  • Secondly, the Business plan: US$35 per month for 10,000 credits of valid leads or emails
  • Lastly, the premium plan is US$250 per month for 100,000 credits of valid leads or data

Step-By-Step Guide to Install Google Map Scraper?

  • Firstly, Click on
  • Secondly, click on the “Services” button on the top and afterward click on the “Google Maps Lead Generator”
  • Now, Scroll down and click on the “Add to Chrome” button
  • Furthermore, a Google Drive page will appear with 3 file installation guide or instruction
  • Google Drive page for Google Map Scraper download
  • Next, either watch the instruction video or read the PDF file
  • Afterward, click on the GMap Leads Generator file and click download, It will automatically be downloaded to your download page

Google Map Scraper Download folder

  • Now, click on the Google page. Afterward, click on the 3 dots on the far right corner of the Google page, then click on “Extensions” Next click on “Manage extension”. Followed by,  your Google Extensions page will appear. Select the “developer mode” button from the far right.

Google Chrome Extension page

  • Furthermore, click the “Load unpacked” button on the top left and select the downloaded “GMap Leads Generator” folder
  • Lastly, “GMap Leads Generator Extension” will automatically appear on your Google Extension page

Google Extension PageA Video Guide to Install ” Google Map Scraper”

How to Scrape Google Maps Using Google Maps Scraper | LeadStal

Now, for your information, Google Maps Scraper or GMap Leads Generator by LeadStal is the most powerful and fastest Google Maps leads extractor tool to generate Google Maps business leads with valid emails from anywhere in the world. Next, let’s explore “How to use Google Maps Leads Generator”:

Firstly: Update Your Chrome Browser.

Step 2: Change Your Google Maps Language to English (United States)

Finally: Browse

Google Maps search page
Please Note:  It will not work on the Google search result page.

Step 4: After entering on put your targeted keyword on the search box.

Google Maps Search result page

Example (Keyword):

– Software companies near New York, USA

– Plumbers in New York, USA

– High Schools in the USA

Step 5: Click the “Generate Leads” button after showing the result. Don’t click on any listing then the button will not be shown. It only works on the result page.

Google Map Scraper's view result page

Step 6: Now wait and don’t switch tabs. The extension will keep working and collect leads from Google Maps. You can pause, resume, or stop from the popup box.

Step 7: After collecting listing leads from Google Maps, click on the “View Results” button.

LeadStal's Google Map Scraper's result page
Step 8: The leadStal result page will open on a new tab. You can filter your leads from here and Export them into a CSV file by clicking on the “Export” button.

Google Maps scraping result page, ready to filter and export.

Step-By-Step Video Guide To Scrape Google Maps Using Google Map Scraper

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Google Map Scraper?

A Google Map Scraper is a software or tool designed to extract data from Google Maps. It automates the process of collecting information such as business names, addresses, phone numbers, reviews, and other details from Google Maps listings. This tool is often used for various purposes, including market research, lead generation, local business analysis, and data collection tasks where location-based information is required.

Is LeadStal’s Google Map Scraper a Cost-Effective Tool?

Yes, it is an affordable and effective Google Maps scraper. It is a user-friendly lead-generation tool for everyone. It is also a powerful web scraper that helps you gather valuable information from Google Maps! 

Some Tips to Scrape Google Maps Legally. 

some tips for scraping Google Maps in a way that is more likely to be legal:

  • Only scrape data that is publicly available and not protected by copyright or trademark law.
  • Do not scrape data in a way that is automated, excessive, or disruptive to Google’s services.
  • Respect Google’s robots.txt file, which tells scrapers which parts of Google’s website they are allowed to access.
  • Be transparent about your scraping activities and why you are scraping the data.

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The Final Thought

Thank you for being patient. We hope that you have learned easily how to scrape Google Maps using a Google Map Scraper. Follow the step-by-step Google Maps scraping process and generate your valuable data. Finally, if you tried the free version, why wait, click for the paid option:


Published: 09/10/2023

Last Updated: 06/11/2023