7 Reasons Why We Get These Limitations on Instagram

Limitations on Instagram
Limitations on Instagram

We can all agree on the fact that overdoing any task or action can never bring a good outcome. It can cause some trouble while scrapping Instagram leads. Hence, there is a ban on social media, so we don’t overuse it. We’ll talk about the limitations on Instagram. 

Limitations on Instagram
Limitations on Instagram

Most of us have a habit of non-stop scrolling through our social media accounts. Your repetitive habit can seem a little suspicious of the app and can ban you from doing what you were up to.

This is mainly seen as a bot activity or imposter activity. So, the apps are designed in such a way they automatically put a limitation on your activity. This eventually is seen as an issue when you are working on Instagram scrapping. 

Instagram is a platform, where you can experience a ban or limitation while excessively commenting or liking posts, without any breaks. Or even when you scrap it for leads, continuously. Only a select number of the several well-known social media platforms that have emerged in recent years have achieved quick success and taken over as the most commonly utilized platforms. 

With its given popularity, Instagram faces loads of scam account presence on its platform. And to protect its authenticity and its users, Instagram introduced limit bans. 

In cases such as this, you might get a pop-up message indicating the possible error you might have caused by doing something repetitive. 

7 Reasons Why We Get These Limitations on Instagram?

Limitations vary from account to account. Some get limitations on Instagram for repetitive actions on the app, and others get for using offensive language or posting obscene photos or videos.

3 Basic Reasons

  • The maturity of your profile is the first consideration. When compared to earlier accounts, newer ones typically have larger limits.
  • Both the total accounts you have followed and the total accounts that have followed you.
  • The quality of your posts. You’d get more relaxation if your postings were well-read.   

Limitation on Continuous Liking and Commenting                         

When you are going through someone’s account you love and admire, maybe an idol or someone special, you might lose track and continuously like and comment on their posts. This calls for trouble as well. 

This isn’t a cause for concern, though, as Instagram put the maximum at 1000, which is extremely forgiving. So, even if you have unlimited free time and read around Instagram for hours on end, it’s unlikely that you will reach this limit.

Instagram has limited the number of comments that users may make to 200 a day. This restriction is also very acceptable given that people often don’t comment on posts that frequently and commenting takes more effort than liking.

Limitation on Following and Unfollowing Spree

This might be a little surprising, but there is also a limitation on following and unfollowing accounts on Instagram as well. 

On Instagram, there is a 200-follower and unfollow daily cap. You would be in violation of the restriction if you followed 200 users, unfollowed 200 users, or followed 100 users and unfollowed 100.

Additionally, since new accounts are actively supervised, it’s a good idea to be aware of this limit, particularly at the beginning. You may start off cautiously and progressively expand the number of users you follow and unfollow.

Limitation on Contents Going Against 5 “Community Guidelines”

Going against the “Community Guidelines” will definitely cause you trouble on Instagram. 

However, if you wish to continue using Instagram, you must stay away from a few common categories of prohibited content.

  • a sexual nature (including nude pictures)
  • the expression of hatred toward any ethnicity, race, social group, sexual orientation, physical or mental impairment, etc.
  • any form of violent promotion.
  • threaten or harass other users.
  • gambling online.

Limitation on Usage of Hashtags

This can be a major problem for people who earn from Instagram or are Instagram influencers. 

If you want a specific audience to see more of your postings, hashtags might help.

Although social media sites promote the usage of hashtags, Instagram recently imposed a hashtag limitation.

Currently, each post is allowed up to 30 hashtags. The notification “We limit how frequently you can perform certain activities on Instagram” may appear if you go over this cap repeatedly.

Limitation on Instagram Sending Direct Messages

Additionally, Instagram has set a warning for direct messages. Of course, you are free to direct messages to one person whenever you choose, but if you abuse this option by sending spam, Instagram will catch on quickly.

The direct message capacity is 80. An Instagram user typically communicates with 10 to 20 individuals per day. You are thus not likely to also approach this limit.

Limitations on Instagram Tagging and Posting Stories

So, one might be curious about how many Instagram stories you can post each day. 10? 15? Maybe 30? You actually have a lot more flexibility on Instagram. There is no doubt that 100 tales each day is more than adequate given the restriction. Even if you’re traveling with buddies, chances are you won’t exceed this limit.

After the initial tale is posted, you must wait 24 hours before adding more than 100 stories. You may keep adding stories when the earlier ones fade away. To include the individuals in your stories and posts who were with you when you took the photos or videos that you shared, you must tag other users.

However, a lot of Instagram users started abusing this tool to make their photos more visible. Therefore, Instagram imposed a cap on the number of people you may tag in comments, stories, and posts.

Up to 20 individuals can be tagged in posts, while only 10 people can be tagged in comments.

Difference Between Instagram 0n Limitation and Banning

You may have thus concluded that the statement “we limit how frequently you can perform certain activities on Instagram” refers to a breach of a limit rather than a banning. You are not permitted to temporarily access your account when you view this message.

Despite the fact that you may log into your account within 48 hours, there were instances when users had to wait a full week before Instagram fixed the problem on their account. On the other hand, if your Instagram account is disabled, you will never again be able to access it. 

If you’ve been regularly breaking the rules, consider the difficulty message as a warning, and don’t break them again if you want to have a positive social media experience.

5 Ways to Avoid Facing Limitations on Instagram

Always Have A Backup Account

It’s possible that you are a frequent content generator with a ton of material that the error notice on Instagram has already been appearing on your account more frequently lately.

The very last thing you would want as a budding content producer to happen is for your Instagram account disabled.

Consider using a different backup account to spare yourself this hassle. A backup profile will not only provide you with the utmost sense of security but also the chance to share various facets of your life on many accounts.

If you are a food blogger, for instance, you might publish your vacation diaries on one Instagram profile and broadcast your food video content on another. It’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

The following should be kept in mind to avoid making this error. There are various daily activity restrictions on Instagram. These consist of:

  • A daily follow cap of 150–200.
  • Both following and unfollowing are regarded equally.
  • A daily maximum of 100 posts must also be liked.
  • However, after 800 likes, certain Instagram accounts could be blocked.
  • Further, there is a day-to-day comment limitation of 180 to 200.

There are just a few things you can do if you are having this issue, and they are not always certain to work quicker without your participation in trial and error. These consist of:

  • Log out.
  • A couple of hours of waiting
  • To re-login.
  • However, most individuals can usually wait for up to 48 hours before taking action.
  • There have been instances where users had to wait a full week before Instagram fixed the issue on their accounts.
  • Just go to your profile now to sign out of your account.
  • Select “hamburger” from the menu.
  • Next, select “settings.”
  • Click “log out” after scrolling down.

Additionally, select “Remember” if you wish to “remember my information.” Therefore, you will be logged out.

If Instagram’s technique has a bug, that may be the actual reason for the problem instead of what you are accomplishing. Reinstalling after uninstalling can also be effective occasionally.

  • Simply access “settings.”
  • Utilize applications
  • You may click “all applications” on that page.
  • Scroll down to discover Instagram after that. You can choose to “Uninstall” once you get there.
  • then press “ok.”
  • Go back to your AppStore to reinstall.
  • Hit install after typing in Instagram.
  • To accomplish this, you may also delete the app’s cache and data.
  • Enter “settings.”
  • Click “apps” to view all available applications, then scroll down to discover Instagram.
  • Then go to storage as well as cache.
  • Storage and cache clearing.
  • Next, click “ok.”

You may also get in touch with limitations on Instagram’s support team; just bear in mind that they always respond quickly.

  • Check out your profile.
  • Select the hamburger menu.
  • Click “settings.”
  • After selecting “help,” click “report a problem.”
  • If something went wrong or isn’t working, you may short describe it here, and Instagram will get back to you as soon as possible.

Delete the Faulty limitations on Instagram Post or Story

As was previously indicated, one of the primary causes of you possibly seeing this alarming notice is publishing prohibited contact.

Therefore, as soon as this notice appears, be sure to verify your most recent news and posts. Delete a particular post or story straight away if you think it could be the problem.

You might be allowed to access your profile after 24 hours, even if that doesn’t ensure that this notice will be corrected right away.

Report it to limitations on Instagram, immediately!

Contacting Instagram’s user support team is another approach to getting rid of the error notice.

The best course of action is to contact user support if you are getting the difficulty notice but are unable to determine why it occurred. A system fault or another issue on their end might be to blame for the mistake. So don’t be afraid to reach out to the user support team right away.

The “Report a Problem” option would now be visible. Here, you may ask them why your account isn’t working and describe what occurred to your account.

And yes, remember to provide a screenshot while sending your response. Instagram will be quick enough to respond. 

Try Changing Your Account’s Password

If you double-tap the “Heart” button underneath each article, you may have gone over the daily limit for loving posts.

Instagram may limit your actions in these circumstances. However, a lot of Instagram users claim that this issue may be resolved by just resetting your account’s password.

It’s likely that your daily restriction on like posts will be renewed when you enter an Instagram account for the first time after resetting your password.

It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that this does not ensure that you will have immediate control over your account. It occasionally works and occasionally it just doesn’t.

If it doesn’t work for you, you might have to wait 24 hours before renewing similar restrictions.


We hope that this post has helped you understand some of Instagram’s limitations and rules. What else can you be doing if Instagram restricts how often you may engage in certain actions on the platform? We really hope that this write-up is also helpful to you. Should you have any questions or concerns, please post them in the comment box below.