Advanced Google Maps Lead Extractor Software: A Comprehensive Guide

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In this fast-paced digital world, accessing accurate and reliable data is like gaining access to a gold mine. Moreover, obtaining huge data quickly and affordably is also a burning question. Furthermore, we know that there are many advanced Google Maps lead extractor software around, but only a few have the following key elements, which are accuracy, reliability, affordability, and user-friendliness. Therefore, in this blog, I will discuss a tool with all these unique key elements to make your data extraction cost-effective and help you streamline a marking plan. 

Introducing LeadStal: An Advanced Google Maps Lead Extractor Software

LeadStal is a cloud-based Google Maps data extractor software. According to Google Search Console, every month people from 70 countries visit LeadStal websites and it has subscribers in around 50 countries worldwide.  Overall, the LeadStal Google Maps extractor is accurate, reliable, affordable, and very easy to use.  Moreover, LeadStal is a suite of tools. Next, let’s explore some key elements of LeadStal. Get additional information here.

What is LeadStal Best For?

LeadStal Google Maps Leads Extractor is best for beginners to seasoned users and small to large-scale businesses in terms of simplicity, efficiency, affordability, and accuracy. It is also best for real-time bulk data extraction with ease.

What Types of Data Can Be Extracted Using LeadStal Google Maps Extractor?

20 types of data can be extracted from Google Maps:

  • 🏢Business Name(Title/Personal Name)
  • 📝 Subtitle
  • 🗂️ Category
  • 📍 Address
  • 📞 Phone Number
  • ⭐ Ratings
  • 📰 Reviews(Total,Negative and positive)
  • 📧 Emails
  • 🌐 Websites
  • 📱 Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube)
  • 🌍 GEO Coordinates 🌐(Longitude, Latitude)

Key Features of LeadStal Advanced Google Maps Data Scraper

  •  Firstly, No coding is needed: Access powerful data scraping with our user-friendly interface.
  • Secondly, Go beyond basics: Extract everything from contacts to social profiles with our comprehensive data extraction.
  • Moreover, Filter like a pro: Target your scraping with advanced filters like location and keywords.
  • Additionally, Export & integrate: Get your data in CSV and Excel format and integrate it seamlessly with your favorite tools.
  • In addition, Scrape without fear: Extract unlimited data points daily from Google Maps with confidence.
  • Overall, 5-in-1 data powerhouse: Get Instagram, Google Maps, LinkedIn, and email finder all in one subscription.
  • So easy that anyone can use
  • Furthermore, 24/7 customer service. Will respond to any problems

Is LeadStal Advanced Google Maps Data Extractor Costly? 

LeadStal is the cheapest Google Maps scraper in the market! This tool is cost-effective. Moreover here is the pricing plan of LeadStal.

  • Firstly, the Free plan: 20 credits or valid data per month
  • Secondly, the Standard plan: US$9.99 for 2800 credits per month
  • Thirdly, Business plan: US$35 per month for 10,000 credits per month
  • Lastly, Premium plan: US$ 250 per month for 100,000 credits
  • Finally, LeadStal has a customized plan. So, contact customer care and buy your plan as per your requirements.

How to Add Credits in

Who Should Use LeadStal Google Maps Data Scraper?

  • Firstly, Small businesses and startups: Build targeted lead lists, track competitor activity, and gather market research data to fuel growth.
  • Secondly, Marketers and sales professionals: Generate leads, personalize campaigns, and analyze customer behavior through Google Maps data.
  • Additionally, Real estate agents, restaurants, freelancers, etc: Identify potential buyers and sellers, analyze property trends, and optimize listings for maximum exposure.
  • Moreover, Content creators and bloggers: Gather location-based information for research, generate content ideas, and engage their audience with data-driven insights.
  • Furthermore, Individual researchers and students: Conduct research projects, analyze spatial patterns, and gather data for academic studies.

How to Install LeadStal Google Maps Scraper

Here is the step-by-step installation process for LeadStal Google Maps Scraper.

Firstly, Sign Up LeadStal

Secondly, Click the Service Button, and afterward, select “Google Maps Leads Generator”, Subsequently, click on the “Add to Google Chrome” button and later on follow the instructions. 

Thirdly, After installing the Google Leads Generator, follow the instructions. First, you have to visit

– It will not work on the Google search result page.

Fourthly: After entering on put your targeted keyword on the search box.


– Software companies near New York, USA

– Plumbers in New York, USA

– High Schools in the USA

Step 5: Click the “Generate Leads” button after showing the result. Don’t click on any listing then the button will not be shown. It only works on the result page.

Step 6: Now wait and don’t switch tabs. The extension will keep working and collect leads from Google Maps. You can pause, resume, or stop from the popup box.

Step 7: After collecting listing leads from Google Maps, click on the “View Results” button.

Lastly: The leadStal result page will open on a new tab. You can filter your leads from here and Export them into a CSV file by clicking on the “Export” button.

A Step-By-Step Video Guide to Sign-up Process for Beginners

Gmap Leads Generator Installation Guide

How to Collect New York’s Real-Estate Agents’ Lead with Google Maps Lead Extractor!

How to Extract Review Leads from Google Maps with Google Maps Extractor

Reviews About LeadStal

NYC Rood

NYC Rood

Been searching for a tool to help me generate leads. So thankful that I found the best GMaps tool by far. Easy to use and a very helpful extension. Thanks!
Citra Kirana

Citra Kirana

Not Work… Scrape 200+ data but only available 7 when click export, with no details.
Jainik Shah

Jainik Shah

Very useful for database creation and also the best UI ever very easy to operate great work
Mahmudul Amin

Mahmudul Amin

Best Extension that I have Ever Used. Really Organized. I also talked with one of their customer manager. Really friendly and mostly a good quality extension. Highly Recommended
Orders @

Orders @

This is one of the amazing bots to extract data from Google and it has helped our company immensely. I will recommend all the professionals in the market to download this extension as they have been really helpful and their customer support is really responsive and it helps you out if you feel stuck or left out….
Ben Dbl

Ben Dbl

This extension looks great. I did a test for “restaurant halal” in Lyon (FR). 201 has been generated, but only 1 result on the report with no data, except the name and the Lattitude. Is there a reason for that? How can I do it better? Thank you in advance

Best Cost-Effective Google Maps Extractor Comparison Table

Choosing the right Google Maps extractor for your needs can be tricky, especially when considering cost-effectiveness. This table compares some of the best options based on key features, pricing, and user reviews:

Feature LeadStal Octoparse Apify Scrapy
Pricing Free plan with 20 credits/month, Standard ($9.99/month), Business ($35/month), Premium ($250/month), Custom plans available Free plan with limited features, Basic ($49/month), Pro ($149/month), Enterprise (Custom quote) Free plan with limited features, Personal ($29/month), Startup ($99/month), Business ($249/month), Enterprise (Custom quote) Open-source, free to use, requires coding knowledge
Ease of use Very user-friendly, no coding required A User-friendly interface and some coding knowledge may be helpful for advanced scraping A User-friendly interface and some coding knowledge may be helpful for advanced scraping Requires significant coding knowledge and technical expertise
Features Extract contact information, social profiles, reviews, emails, etc. Extract various data points, build custom workflows, schedule scraping tasks Extract various data points, handle complex websites, integrate with other tools Highly customizable, unlimited scraping capabilities, requires coding for specific needs
Customer reviews 4.8 stars on Google 4.7 stars on G2 4.6 stars on G2 N/A (Open-source)
Free trial Yes Yes Yes N/A

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is a Google Maps Extractor?

Firstly, a Google Maps extractor is a software application that can automatically extract data from Google Maps. Overall, this data can include business information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and websites, as well as user reviews and ratings.

How Does a Google Maps Extractor Work to Extract New York’s Real-Estate Agents’ Leads

Google Maps extractors typically use a combination of web scraping and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to extract data from Google Maps. Overall, web scraping involves extracting data from the HTML code of a website, while NLP is used to extract meaning from unstructured text data, such as user reviews, emails, New York real-estate agents’ leads, and many more

What is a Webpage Scraper?

A page scraper is a software or tool used to extract data from websites. It navigates through web pages to extract information such as text, images, links, and other elements and compiles them into a structured format like a spreadsheet or database. Overall, webpage scrapers are valuable for automating data collection tasks, conducting research, and aggregating information from the internet efficiently.

What is a Google Maps Scraper?

A Google Maps Scraper is a specialized tool designed to extract information from Google Maps. Moreover, it allows users to gather data such as business names, addresses, phone numbers, reviews, and more from Google Maps listings. Overall, this tool streamlines the process of collecting valuable location-based data for various purposes, including business research, marketing, and analysis.

How does GMap Leads Generator work?

GMap Leads Generator works by using advanced data extraction techniques to scrape information from Google Maps. Overall, users can input specific search criteria, and the Google Map Extractor tool will retrieve relevant data from the map results.

What type of data can I extract using Google Maps Leads Generator?

Overall, with Google Map Leads Generator, you can extract various data points, including business names, addresses, contact numbers, website URLs, and other relevant details available on Google Maps.

Is Google Map Scraper easy to use?

Yes, Google Map Scraper is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Overall, you can input your search criteria and extract data with just a few clicks, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Can I use Google Maps Extractor for market research?

Absolutely! Google Map Leads Generator or Google Map Extractor is an excellent tool for market research. Additionally, it allows you to gather data about competitors, potential customers, and local businesses, helping you make informed business decisions.

Is Google Map Leads Generator Compliant with Google’s Terms of Service?

GMap Leads Generator, Google Maps Leads Generator, Google Map Scraper, and Google Map Extractor whatever we call, it operates within Google’s terms of service for data extraction. However, it’s essential to use the tool responsibly and avoid any excessive scraping that may violate the terms.

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Stop wasting time on manual scraping. Download LeadStal and automate your workflow for maximum efficiency. Unlock more leads than ever before. Download LeadStal today and start generating targeted leads from Google Maps.


Published Date: 14/12/2023

Last Updated: 18’03’2024