12 Innovative Tips to Generate Leads for Your Consulting Business

Generate Leads for Your Consulting Business
Generate Leads for Your Consulting Business

Today we will explore the 12 innovative ideas on how to generate leads for your consulting business. What does consultation mean? A consultation is a meeting that is formed to talk about or discuss an issue or problem to come to a solution. Consultancy firms provide professional advice and expert opinions to people who need them in exchange for a fee. There are many types of consultancy firms, for example; health consultancy, law consultancy, business consultancy, etc. As we know, a consultancy firm is itself a business so it also needs customers and prospects to thrive. It needs people and audiences to sell its service.

Generate Leads for Your Consulting Business
Generate Leads for Your Consulting Business

Types of Consultancy:

  1. Health Consultancy
  2. Finance Consultancy
  3. Operations/Management Consultancy
  4. Psychology Consultancy
  5. IT Consultancy
  6. Strategy Consultancy

12 Innovative Tips to Generate Leads For Consulting Business:

  1. Ranking your own site
  2. Blog
  3. Targeted paid ads
  4. Social media presence
  5. Video
  6. Partnerships
  7. Retargeting
  8. Email marketing
  9. Meetups and local events
  10. Referrals
  11. Brochures, business cards, and fliers
  12. Collaborations

Ranking your own site:

Ranking your site is when your targeted audiences search for similar businesses or consultancy firms then your brand’s name should come up at the top for them to notice. It can be anywhere, can be in google search results, can be in facebook suggestions, can be an ad when you are scrolling, etc.

The SEO should be very strong to get outstanding results when searched. Targeted audiences usually select the ones that show up in the top results.  So, rank up your brand’s image to generate leads. 


Keep a blog section on your website. Write useful and helpful content for people to read. When you post enlightening and communicative content regularly then people will come back to your blog to read the future posts which will help them in their aspect of the business.

This will also be an advantage for your business as you will gain readers as prospects who will convert to customers in the time ahead. If your audiences find your content beneficial then they will trust you as an expert in this section.

Targeted paid ads:

Acquaint your targeted audiences with ads. Ads are generally paid. You have to pay to do an advertisement whether it’s online or offline. We will talk about online and offline ads below: 

Online Ads- Online ads usually include Facebook ads, google ads, youtube ads, Instagram ads, etc. You have to boost your content online with a credit/debit card. After boosting, it will help your demography to reach your targeted audiences.
Offline Ads- Offline ads include putting up an advertisement in newspapers, radio ads, television ads, etc. You will also have to pay here to make your ads reach your targeted audiences.

Social media presence:

Always make an unbreakable social media presence. Your social media presence will determine the goodwill of your brand. Build a solid Linkedin profile that will help you get leads from all over the nation. Have a well-made Facebook page and a Facebook group alongside to get prospects.

Design your Instagram profile in such a way that it attracts more leads toward you. Also, get a youtube channel where you will be able to upload relevant video content for your peers. Reach out to every suited business profile and account in the world of social media to generate leads as it is one of the easiest and most reliable sources for lead generation. 


Try to make promotional videos and publish them for your prospects to watch. This is one of the remarkable ways to help target your presence for consulting keyword terms.

These videos will likely show up in Google’s search results and bring a good amount of direct traffic as well towards your business. Try to make the videos eye-catching and dramatic to indulge targeted audiences in your business. Find spectacular topics and titles to put on it so that it shows up when searched. 


Knock-off deals with other service providers can work wonders for both of you. Perhaps they offer something you don’t and vice versa. You can work out a deal where each of you benefits and effectively get more of the available market share. Partnering with other service providers will also help you get references and client databases. This will open doors to more efficient work and profits and also will help to generate leads for your consulting business.


Retargeting is a way where you follow interested parties around the social media and web in the hopes that they will succumb to your persistence. You will have to keep persuading them constantly to turn them into your client from a prospect.

A study proved that prospects need to see your offers and ads 7 times before they are convinced and purchase from you and then my dear, retargeting helps the most! So try to keep an eye on where you can find a perfect candidate for your business who can be turned into a client. 

Email marketing:

Scrape out a database of leads to contact with. Note down the available leads who can be reached and are valid. Cut out the leads which are unavailable and unreachable. After narrowing down the leads, send them emails stating the current offers and deals.

Send them emails regarding newly launched products/services alongside the details of the programs offered. Be specific as long emails tend to bore the reader. Do remember, that emails are the most effective way to generate leads for your consulting business.

Meetups and local events:

Attend local events and meetups. Mingle with new people and get to know them. Talk to them and also be a listener. Make a good relationship with them. Introduce them to your business and what you do.

Let them talk about their businesses to you so that you can find out what type of business they have and whether are they of your use or not. Getting to know new people will make a way to generate leads for your business. 


Get the people or company you’ve worked with to give refer­rals to their clients/friends or families. The word of mouth helps a lot to generate new leads for your business as this comes out of trust.

If you can satisfy those clients then they will also recommend your business to other people this way you’ll build up a longer client base. If the people wouldn’t mind referring your services to anyone asking, be sure to give them incentives and good deals to allure them to bring on more leads. 

Brochures, business cards, and fliers:

Don’t be afraid to go old school and distribute your printed materials. If you are strategic about where you leave these, you will find that there’s a reason they’ve worked for a long time. Design them in a very tantalizing way so that people get attracted to and engaged with them.

Hire people to give out your printed materials to random people on the streets, to students and parents outside of schools and universities, to visitors to a seminar/event, etc. This old-school method will surely bring in new leads to you. 


This is different from a partnership. Collaboration involves cooperation in which parties are not necessarily bound contractually whereas partnerships are. So, it is an easier way to do your promotion with comparatively fewer boundaries and requirements. You can collaborate with other similar businesses in order to gain leads. This will help you get the exposure your brand needs and will get you new prospects. 

How can I improve my Consulting Business? 

  1. Call your clients regularly
  2. Build trust with more than one person in the client’s organization
  3. Sell something small at first
  4. Look for disruptions
  5. Involve fresh minds from other industries
  6. Read a lot and pick up ideas for your business
  7. Make and publish surveys on current topics
  8. Productize your service
  9. Educate first
  10. Be the proactive initiator

To Wrap It Up:

Thus, we have discussed how we can generate leads for your ‘Consulting business and how to make an improvement in it. If you follow our article then it will help your business to boom and make it stable. Best Of luck! 

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