Affordable Google Maps Extractor by LeadStal in 2024

LeadStal Google Maps Extractor

LeadStal Google Maps Extractor is a cloud-based cost-effective Google Maps Scraper. It is accurate, effective, reliable, and user-friendly. Anyone can easily extract emails, addresses, phone numbers, locations, websites, and many more data from Google Maps using the Affordable Google Maps Extractor by LeadStal. Well, let’s dive in.

LeadStal Google Maps Scraper

What is LeadStal?

LeadStal is a simple, affordable, and automated cloud-based suite of web and social media scraping software 

How Many Scraping Tools Are in LeadStal?

LeadStal is the SAAS platform. Here is the list of tools:

🧰 LeadStal Tools:

  1. 📧 Instagram Email Finder | Instagram Scraper
  2. 🗺️ Google Maps Scraper | Google Maps Extractor
  3. 🌐 Social Media Email Scraper
  4. 🌐 Web Email Finder
  5. ✉️ Email Validato

Who are the Audiences of LeadStal?

“Simplicity and affordability are LeadStal’s motto. Hence, newcomers, beginners, small businesses, and solopreneurs are the key audiences of LeadStal.”

Why Choose LeadStal?

Here are the reasons to choose LeadStal:

  • Effortless Lead Collection: Scrape data from social media, e-commerce sites, and even Google Maps to uncover valuable leads.
  • Affordability & Ease: Simple and affordable designed for businesses of all sizes. LeadStal offers budget-friendly plans and intuitive interfaces.
  • Real-time Data Extraction: A unique real-time data extraction process makes the data 100% accurate and reliable.
  • Live Customer Service: Provides live customer service in case of any technical issues.
  • Cloud-Based Access: Work from anywhere with LeadStal’s user-friendly cloud software.
  • Data Powerhouse: Extract 20+ data points from Google Maps, giving you deeper insights into your leads.

Ready to simplify lead generation and boost your sales? Try LeadStal today!

What is a Google Maps Extractor?

A Google Maps Extractor is a tool or software that helps you collect and export data from Google Maps. This data can include business names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, ratings, reviews, photos, and more.

What Is the Purpose of Using Google Maps Extractor?

Google Maps Extractors can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Lead generation: Businesses can use Google Maps Extractors to find potential customers in their area.
  • Market research: Researchers can use Google Maps Extractors to collect data about businesses in a particular industry or location.
  • Competitor analysis: Businesses can use Google Maps Extractors to see what their competitors are doing.
  • Data analysis: Researchers and businesses can use Google Maps Extractors to collect data for analysis.

It is important to note that using a Google Maps Extractor Tool to collect data that is not publicly available may violate Google’s terms of service. It is also important to be respectful of the privacy of others when using a Google Maps Extractor.

Google Maps Scraper | LeadStal

Why Should I Choose LeadStal for Google Maps Scraping?

There are many Google Maps Scrapers in the market with various key features and prices. The main purpose of Google Maps Scraping is to collect leads, streamline marketing strategies, and conduct research to reach a wider audience to supercharge business growth. Subsequently, if you want these data to be effective, reliable, and affordable data using a user-friendly tool, then LeadStal should be your First Choice, Here are some key features of LeadStal Google Maps Scraper:

What are the Key Benefits of Using Google Maps Extractor by LeadStal

🔄 Real-time data extraction 🌐

📍 Extract contact information, reviews, and other data from Google Maps listings.

📲 Generate leads from social media platforms.

🛠 Bundle of Tools: Subscribing to GMaps Scraper will automatically provide access to other Scrapers of LeadStl

🔄 💬 24/7 Customer Support and Live customer support in case of technical issues

🤖 🔄 Regular Updates

📅 📦 Bulk Scraping

🔍 Filter Process

📧 1 valid email/data is equal to one credit

📅 Monthly Free Plan

🆓 💲 Cheapest Paid Plans start from US$9.99

💰 🌍 Overall, the Affordable Google Maps Extractor in the market

🌐 🚀 Recent developments: Transitioned from a browser extension to cloud-based software, enabling access from any device. Expanded data extraction capabilities to include 20+ data points from Google Maps. 🔄

What is an Affordable Google Maps Extractor by LeadStal?

Affordable means the cheapest Google Maps Scraper in the market in 2024 by LeadStal. Overall, we can say, it is a cost-effective IG GMaps Scraper at just $9,99. It also has a free plan to get used to the tools. Here are the pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: 20 Credits or valid data per month including all key features
  • Standard: $9.99/Month for 2800 credits or valid data
  • Business: $35/Month for 3500 credits or valid data
  • Premium: $250/Month for 100,000 credits or valid data(It has 6 months validity)

Price Comparison Between LeadStal | Bright Data | Apify | Phantombuster | ScrapingBee

Acknowledgment: Best Instagram Profile Scraper in 2024(LeadStal)

Tool Free Tier Paid Plans Features in Free Tier
LeadStal Yes (20 credits/month) Starts at $9.99/month All features; 20credits for basic scraping
Bright Data Yes (limited usage) Varies by data type & usage Limited data extraction, basic features
Apify Yes (limited usage) Starts at $29/month Access to shared scraping actors, limited runtime
PhantomBuster Yes (limited usage) Starts at $49/month Access to 1-2 social media scrapers, limited data
ScrapingBee Yes (limited usage) Pay-as-you-go 100 free requests, basic features

Key Notes:

  • LeadStal: LeadStal offers a free tier with 20 monthly credits, allowing you to access all features but with limited usage. Their paid plans start at $9.99 and offer increased credits and additional features.
  • Bright Data: Their free tier has limitations on data type, volume, and usage duration. Specific details require contacting them. Paid plans are priced based on your specific data needs and usage. Click here for additional information.
  • Apify: The free tier provides access to shared scraping actors with limited runtime and features. Paid plans start at $29 and offer private actors, longer runtimes, and more features. Click here for a free sign-up!
  • PhantomBuster: Free tier grants access to 1-2 basic social media scrapers with limited data extraction. Paid plans start at $49 and offer more scrapers, data, and features. Sign -up for a free trial!
  • ScrapingBee: The free tier includes 100 requests with basic features. Paid plans are pay-as-you-go, starting at $0.10 per request. Try ScrapingBee for Free!

Who Should Use LeadStal?

Affordable and simple Google Maps Scraper by LeadStal is best for the following subscribers:

  • Businesses and agencies: Broaden your outreach to engage potential clients, influencers, and collaborators effectively.
  • Marketers and sales professionals: Create personalized email campaigns for targeted lead generation, maximizing conversions.
  • Content creators and entrepreneurs: Extend your audience and interact beyond Instagram’s limitations, fostering deeper engagement.
  • Anyone seeking meaningful connections: Transform passive followers into active relationships and expand your network.

How to Sign Up and Install LeadStal’s Google Maps Extractor for Free

Step 1: Sign Up and Install LeadStal Google Maps Leads Generator or Google Maps Extractor

LeadStal get started for free button

Browse to LeadStal and sign up for free within a second!

LeadStal Google Maps Lead Generator

Next, click on the “Services” and “Google Maps Leads Generator” buttons on the top right. As soon as you are on the page, click on the “Add to Chrome Button” to install ” Google Maps Leads Generator” for extracting  UAE distributors’ leads from Google Maps.

Google Maps Leads Generator by LeadStal

Add to Chrome: Now click on the “Services” and ” Google Maps Lead Generator” button on the top right. Afterward, click on the “Add to Chrome” button and install the  Google Map Lead Generator. (See images above/Follow the arrow)

gmap leads generator by leadstal (7)

Next, download the folder(Follow the arrow in the image above)

Google Maps Leads Generator

Now, Extract the folders from the ZIP folder as per the above image

GMaps Leads Generator by LeadStal

Google Map Lead Generator

Google Map Lead Generator by Leadstal

 The Final Installation Process: Later on, go to the Google browser, and click on the three dots(…) on the top right, afterward click on “Extension” and “Manage Extension” and turn on the “Developer mode“(follow the image above), afterward, click on the “Load Unpacked“(Follow image) and select downloaded “GMaps Leads Generator” folder. (Follow the image). Finally, the Google Map Lead Generator Chrome extension is installed.

User Experiences | LeadStal GMaps Extractor

An Outstanding Value!

Decon Green | Digital Marketing Specialist | United Kingdom

“The GMap Scraper and Google Map Extractor by LeadStal have provided me with an exceptional and cost-effective experience. This tool has streamlined my business development, and I’m genuinely grateful to the dedicated team behind it. After days of searching for a solution, finding and installing it has been satisfying. I’ve enthusiastically recommended this highly cost-effective Google Map lead extractor to my family and friends. It’s truly an amazing extension.”

Affordable and Highly Valuable Extension

Ina Hume | Business Growth Specialist | USA

“I found this extension incredibly useful. I had been searching for this kind of app for quite some time. It not only provides social media links but is also notably faster than other tools. This is the most powerful and quickest lead generation tool, offering bulk business leads with valid emails.”

How to Install Google Maps Extractor by LeadStal

Type “LeadStal” on Google

LeadStal Google Maps Leads Generator

Afterward, click LeadStal’s home page, and later on click on the “Services” button at the top of the page

Next, click on the “Add to Chrome” button, later on, download the “How to Install.pdf” file, and follow the instructions to install the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is a Webpage Scraper?

A page scraper is a software or tool used to extract data from websites. It navigates through web pages to extract information such as text, images, links, and other elements and compiles them into a structured format like a spreadsheet or database. Overall, webpage scrapers are valuable for automating data collection tasks, conducting research, and aggregating information from the internet efficiently.

What is a Google Maps Scraper?

A Google Maps Scraper is a specialized tool designed to extract information from Google Maps. Moreover, it allows users to gather data such as business names, addresses, phone numbers, reviews, and more from Google Maps listings. Overall, this tool streamlines the process of collecting valuable location-based data for various purposes, including business research, marketing, and analysis.

How does GMap Leads Generator work?

GMap Leads Generator works by using advanced data extraction techniques to scrape information from Google Maps. Overall, users can input specific search criteria, and the Google Map Extractor tool will retrieve relevant data from the map results.

What type of data can I extract using Google Maps Leads Generator?

Overall, with Google Map Leads Generator, you can extract various data points, including business names, addresses, contact numbers, website URLs, and other relevant details available on Google Maps.

Is Google Map Scraper easy to use?

Yes, Google Map Scraper is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Overall, you can input your search criteria and extract data with just a few clicks, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Can I use Google Maps Extractor for market research?

Absolutely! Google Map Leads Generator or Google Map Extractor is an excellent tool for market research. Additionally, it allows you to gather data about competitors, potential customers, and local businesses, helping you make informed business decisions.

Is Google Map Leads Generator Compliant with Google’s Terms of Service?

GMap Leads Generator, Google Maps Leads Generator, Google Map Scraper, and Google Map Extractor whatever we call, it operates within Google’s terms of service for data extraction. However, it’s essential to use the tool responsibly and avoid any excessive scraping that may violate the terms.

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The Final Verdict

Now, you understand, why LeadStal should not be called the cheapest or cost-effective Google Maps Scraper. Learn more about LeadStal. Click the free version now!

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Published Date: 29/01/2024

Last Update:30/05/2024