What Is Automated Lead Generation?

What Is Automated Lead Generation?

Automated lead generation is the process of creating systems and processes that enable you to generate leads without having to source them all manually. Today, we will talk about what is automated lead generation.

What Is Automated Lead Generation?
What Is Automated Lead Generation

There Are 2 Types of Lead Generation:

  1. Manual Lead Generation
  2. Automated Lead Generation

What is the difference between “Manual Lead Generation & Automated Lead Generation?” We will talk about it below:

Manual Lead Generation vs Automated Lead Generation:

Manual Lead Generation It is a time-consuming process and B2B salespeople who are always busy making sales calls cannot afford to spend hours on manual research; the time spent on manual research can have a dreadful effect on their sales. It takes hours to find your ideal prospect details from the Internet and manually find the business contact information of the person.
Automated Lead Generation  Automated lead generation is the process of creating systems and processes that allows you to generate leads without having to get them all manually.

Your automated lead generation process will assist you to have a regular source of qualified leads, and it won’t feel like you’re having to go through such a hard time. For many businesses, this is the holy grail. It’s why companies invest millions into their sales and marketing efforts making them all automated.

Automated lead generation” Defined-  Automated lead generation is about using tools that are powered by AI and machine learning to create lead generation systems across all your inbound and outbound channels. This lets you automate leads across your customer journey and manage them for better conversion.

Let Us Discuss the Benefits of “Automated Lead Generation”

  • Improves user experience
  • Helps generate more qualified sales leads and level up sales appointments
  • More revenue for your business
  • Saves time and energy

We Will Now Analyze How We Can Use the “Automated Lead Generation”:

  • Optimize your content for search engines
  • Create lead magnets
  • Automation using a chatbot
  • Lead automation tools using your website data
  • Landing pages
  • Email autoresponder campaigns
  • Hyper personalization
  • Retargeting
  • Nurture Leads
  • Go where your customers are

Optimize your content for search engines:

Lead Generation companies use content to reach their targeted audiences. 90% of successful writers put the reader’s need for information first and their actual goal second.

To have optimized content, your strategic content and search engine optimization should work conjointly. Optimizing your content for search purposes is the hack to reaching automated lead generation from content.

How to Optimize Content for Search Engines and Lead Generation:

  • Shortlist your keywords: Always find the correct words when writing, and use common and most used words so that it matches the search and can be ranked at the top. 
  • Identify keyword intent: Research your shortlisted words. Find out whether people are using these words to get information or to make a purchase. That way it will be easier to use the words accordingly. 
  • Align keywords with your sales funnel: Once you have detected the keywords that reflect the two search goals– inform and purchase, guide them onto your funnel. Those falling under ‘inform’ are top-of-the-funnel users and those under ‘purchase’ are much closer to the bottom-of-the-funnel.
  • Optimize all your content: Inspect the shortlisted words. Use them according to the demand of the readers.
  • Create SEO-friendly content: Your content should be informational and help the user make an informed purchase decision. Use a content generation tool if you want something strong to scale your content creation and see results faster.

Create Lead Magnets:

A Lead Magnet is a term used in marketing to identify a free item or service that is given away to collect contact details. It helps a company gain sales leads. Let’s see some of the “Lead Magnet” examples below:

  • eBooks
  • Industry reports
  • Whitepapers
  • Checklists
  • Videos 
  • Subscriptions
  • Samples
  • Free consultations

Four things that make a lead magnet profitable:

  • It solves a real problem
  • It helps achieve a goal
  • It’s quick to digest
  • It offers high value and shows your expertise

Automation Using a Chatbot:

Chatbots are now the most useful and handy technology available in the market. It makes our lives simpler and allows us to dedicate that time somewhere else by saving our time and energy. We cannot be everywhere and it can be very hard for us to maintain a conversation with each and every prospect given their time zones. 

So here is where the automated chatbot steps in. They will assist us by replying to our prospects, keeping them engaged, giving out the relevant pieces of information they need, and making them feel valuable to us. 

Lead Automation Tools using your Website Data:

There are automated tools that generate leads based on who visits your website, these tools will automatically identify companies browsing your website, which will help you select which visitors to contact directly. Along these same lines, you’ll be able to set up alarms when specific companies visit your site.

You can even merge such tools to your CRM to create a centralized database of information for following up with all leads — regardless of how you initially connected with them.

Landing Pages:

A “Landing Page” is a page that a user lands and clicks on it which diverts the user to another page or digital location in a manner of forms/surveys/pop-ups.

Once they’re on your landing page, users are encouraged to take any action, such as joining your list or buying your products, or signing up.

Email Autoresponder Campaigns:

Landing pages are also commonly used within marketing automation systems to trigger email nurture sequences or autoresponder campaigns, these allow you to follow up on any interaction with targeted campaigns that are personalized to the lead’s sales stage as well as containing merge tags that include contact information.


Personalization is a well-known concept that has been proven effective in fascinating customers. However, this is the age of hyper-personalization, which means you’ve got to take it up a notch and offer unforgettable user experiences to grab customer attention. 

Install an intelligent website that uses analytics software to monitor visitor activities, set triggers for interactions and events, and develop smart campaigns to provide content that they can surprisingly resonate with. Also, offer interesting offers and deals to tip their decision in your favor. Studying your customers’ behavior will help to segment your sections according to their characteristics and demands. 


“Retargeting” is reaching out to the same old customers whose attention was once caught by your service/products. You will have to remind them that the service/product they liked is still available and you’ve to impress them on the amazing qualities or features that they are likely to miss out on if they don’t make the purchase. It is a strategic move that makes use of specific customer information gathered over time, related to their behavior and purchase patterns. 

Retargeting can involve emails, messages, pop-ups, and notifications sent out to customers. With these reminders, customers will more likely to purchase a service/product from you through the retargeting strategy. 

Nurture Leads:

This is where marketing automation really makes a difference in the process of generating good quality, engaged, and qualified leads.

When your lead first converts (using marketing automation) you might put them into a ‘lead’ stage. With the goal of re-engaging them with content and offers that are designed to educate them and help them be clearer about the benefits of what you do and how you can resolve their particular problems.

Go Where Your Customers Are:

Always be active on your social media cause that’s where most of your customers come from. Keep a good relationship with your existing and new customers.

Follow up on them and try to satisfy them with any piece of information or idea. Put yourself in the mind of whatever prospect you want to start a conversation with, and go where they are. If you’re in your customer’s shoes, you will definitely understand what they want and need. 

To Wrap Up

With your marketing automation energized lead generation process in place, you’ll be able to take an overview of the individual interactions that go into nurturing your leads and make adjustments to improve effectiveness.

Automating your sales process as much as possible is going to significantly improve the ROI on your sales reps’ time. They’ll be able to take a break from repetitive tasks and focus on activities that move the revenue line. 

We have written other articles too on lead generation, how about you check this “How To Get Sales Leads For Free?” out?

Thank you for reading and being with us. We wish you all the best in your business.

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