How To Get Sales Leads For Free?

Get Sales Leads For Free
Get Sales Leads For Free

What Are Sales Leads? A sales lead is a person/business who may become a client in the future. Sales lead also refers to the data that picks out a body as a potential buyer of a product or service. Getting your company to generate sales leads for free is a great way to set your business up for success. Today, we’ll talk about how to get sales leads for free.

Get Sales Leads For Free
Get Sales Leads For Free

How to Get Sales Leads for Free?

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Blogging/vlogging
  • Customer reviews/referrals
  • Guest Posting
  • Interviews
  • Cold emails/calls
  • Third-Party Listings
  • Networks/parties/gatherings
  • Doing Lives
  • Revisiting old/lost opportunities

Influencer Marketing

Connect with influencers and offer them to promote your products. Make a deal with them to promote your products and you will pay them with free products instead of money.

The products you will send them will be free which they have to review. You will also have to differentiate between ‘Micro-influencer’ and ‘Macro-influencer.’

Micro-influencer Macro-influencer
They usually have fewer followers. (1k-10k) They have a huge amount of followers. (1m-5m)
Can be easily connected. Might be hard to connect, might have to make an appointment.
Easily available. Might be busy with other promotions.
Can be convinced to promote for free. Might demand payment.
Will increase sales by 30% Will increase sales by 50%


Open up a blog page for your business to generate sales, you can also contact other bloggers who can contribute to it. You can also make videos and post them on your social media to reach a certain number of customers. Visualization works better. Do your research on the subscriber and follow their comments and interaction for you to reach out to them.

Customer Reviews/Referrals

Ask your existing customers to review your products on social media sites and also ask them to refer your products/services to their friends and families. It will help you get more leads and customers leading to an increase in sales.

Guest Posting

Keep an eye on a guest posting opening. Many blogger/vlogger wants a guest appearance so grab that opportunity. That can help you deliver the message about your business to their audiences which can help you generate leads and also give you exposure as a public figure.


Try to look out for interviews relevant to your business. Contact them showing your willingness to give an interview about your products/services. Explain how your products/services work, give a more detailed version of them to the public, research what the demand for your product/service is and deliver your interview accordingly. This will help you reach a certain audience leading to an increase in sales.

Cold Emails/Calls

It is a very ancient method but it is still great for generating leads. Here you will have to do your research and find out companies/leads which are relevant to your product/service and you have to reach out to them via calls/emails promoting your product/service. You can also generate leads through a database and reach them. You can explain in detail your product/service through this method. If you can advertise your company well then you have already got yourself a customer.

Third-party listings

This is an indirect marketing method where a third party is involved. For example- people ask questions on social media regarding where to find a product/service they are looking for then you have to answer that question by recommending them to your company. This way people will get to know about your company and might even be a customer from a prospect.


When you will attend a party, try to communicate with the professionals invited there and promote your business. You will need link-ups and networking with people around you to generate leads as well.

Social gatherings help to connect and generate leads by communicating and mingling with targeted prospects.

Doing Lives

We suggest you go ‘life’ from your business account and showcase your products/services there to gather crowds and customers. This way people will get to know about your product/service and might buy from you.

Revisiting old/lost opportunities

If you ever lost contact due to a few eros or budget issues then we would like you to contact them again and let them know that you’re available and open to their offers. This might help you get new buyers as they already know about you from before.

Types of Sales Leads

  • Cold Leads
  • Warm Leads
  • Information-qualified Leads
  • Marketing-qualified Leads
Cold Leads These types of leads are not familiar or common to your company. They might have commented on a post of yours on social media, visited your website, or read your blog posts and you have to catch them from there and nurture them into your prospects. You have to handle them with care to keep them, and you have to educate them about your business so that they buy from you.
Warm Leads These types of leads are already familiar with your products/services. They might come through a referral of a friend, might reach you themselves, or inbound marketing. They are easier to handle. You have to be very embracing towards them so that they feel welcomed and they become your buyers.
Information-qualified Leads They are a type of lead that comes from filling out a survey or form for you. They will give out a little information about themselves on the products/services that they want and that might be relevant to your business. You will know if they fit your demographic of customers or not by this method.
Marketing-qualified Leads They are mostly generated by your marketing team. They have either come to your invitations or seminars and already know about your brand. They have already interacted with you or your team. You will have to keep a good connection with them in order to keep them as your customers.

Free Sales Lead Apps

How to Identify a Sales Lead?

You have to put leads according to your sales funnel and identify at which point a prospect can become your buyer/customer. Firstly, you need to study your customer demography in order to put each customer into the categories above. Secondly, try to differentiate each customer into categories by determining their approach as well as monitoring their online activities.


However, we have discussed how we can generate leads for free. If your company/business is new in the market, therefore, we suggest you go for free sales leads as that will save you some money and help your sales increase. We have shared our share of ideas for you to take on. We hope you find this helpful and that it gets easier for you to make a start.