B2B Leads On LinkedIn

How To Generate B2B Leads On LinkedIn

Out of 10, almost 8 people make their life easy with the help of the internet and its platforms. Today, we will talk about one such online manifesto named Linkedin, which will help you generate B2B leads on LinkedIn for your business in the future and we’ll also share B2B leads on LinkedIn post ideas.

B2B Leads On LinkedIn
B2B Leads On LinkedIn

What Is LinkedIn and How Does It Work?

Linkedin is basically a social networking site where you can open your work/business profile and connect with other work/business professionals. It helps with building up your market profile and lets you explore other business profiles. It will help you look for job opportunities, and internships and even get clients for your business.

What is B2B Lead Generation?

The full form of B2B is business-to-business. It connects one business with another where both parties can gain products and profit. B2B lead generation is a procedure to recognize the foremost clients for your products/services and lure them to buy/take that product/service from you.

Why is it Important?

It is important because it will help your business grow. In this sector, lead generation includes planning strategies, setting a goal, designing methods, and generating ideas to attract potential patrons to purchase from your business.

How to Generate B2B Leads on LinkedIn?

  • Discover B2B leads and finds the contact/mailing address of the potential buyers
  • Get in touch with them
  • Qualifying and inspecting the finest leads
  • Convince them to buy your product/service
  • Closing the deal and making a sale with a profit

Why is it Important to Generate B2B Leads on LinkedIn?

Generating B2B leads on LinkedIn will result in your business being able to connect to its probable consumers as LinkedIn is the largest professional online website where there are masses of business profiles and it gives out the opportunity to associate altogether. You can bond professionally here and your career can bloom. LinkedIn will help your business to increase the distinctness it needs.

Guidelines For Generating B2B Leads on LinkedIn Strategies

  • Ensure that your decision-makers have a powerful Linkedin profile
  • Launch a strong and solid LinkedIn page under your business
  • Post relevant content and updates
  • Join LinkedIn buyer-seller groups
  • Use paid promotion to target customers
  • Get a strong sales and marketing team
  • Build up a strong connection with your existing customers
  • Maintain a firm presence on this platform

Ensure That Your Decision Makers Have a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

The initial stage of getting leads is having a powerful presence on LinkedIn will have other companies notice you. It will make them interested to work with you or start a conversation.

Launch a Strong and Solid LinkedIn Page Under Your Business

Once you have made your place in the LinkedIn world then you’re good to open up your business page. Make sure your page is active and intriguing to buyers.

We suggest you ensure that your buyers are being assisted with their queries timely and arisen issues are being solved immediately.

Post Relevant Contents and Updates

Contents are like fuel to the business. You will need very detailed and relevant contents which will help your consumers to understand your business fully. You can add videos, write-ups, and eye-catching captions to attract buyers.

A product is recognized by its true potential through the power of content. We suggest you keep updating your clients about your latest changes/offers via these online mediums.

Join LinkedIn Buyer-Seller Groups

By joining these groups you can study other business patterns. You can learn advertisement strategies and tricks. Build up your circle with other professionals.

You can get in touch with them and it can help you in your business’s future. You can post your updates and content in the groups to get leads. Your business will get more coverage than usual.

Use Paid Promotion to Target Customers

This will help you to reach more targeted audiences as you will promote your products through your consumers. Suppose, you are sending free samples of your products to a few well-known figures like celebrities or influencers if they review your products and ask their followers or audiences to buy them that will increase your sales and your products will be on the feed, and will be much more noticeable.

Get a Strong Sales and Marketing Team

Having a strong sales and marketing team is very essential in this sector. If you want to generate leads your team must work hard for it. Your team must dig out leads and present them to you for more sales.

Consumers would need to be convinced that they’re getting what they’re paying for. Your team will help you gain the trust of your buyers and investors.

Build Up a Strong Connection with Your Existing Customers

It is necessary to keep the old bond going strong for your own amelioration. If those customers stay loyal to your brand then they will make their purchases repeatedly.

You can offer them discounts/deals so that they get happy and buy more from you. If they like your service, they will refer you to their friends and families which will result in more incoming customers.

Maintain a Firm Presence on This Platform

Linkedin requires consistency, so be sure to post as frequently as you can. You need to hold onto your presence by recurring updates and content so that you’ve seen it on the feed once to twice every day.

B2B Leads on LinkedIn Post Ideas

1. Opinion Posts

Sharing an opinion and adding your two cents to it through a post on LinkedIn will get you likes/loves, and comments and will engage people in that post of yours.

2. Viral/Controversial Videos

It can be a funny video or an emotional video or educational then it will make people watch it and share it which will help your profile to be spread and audiences notice you.

3. Personal Experience with an Emotional Side to it

Sharing a personal experience and adding an emotional side to it will gain your empathy and people will relate to you.

4. Free Goods Promotion

Announcing a giveaway will make lots of audiences participate and engage in your post.

5. Open Discussions

Throw an open discussion and let the public take part in it for better reach.

6. Sharing Tips/Tricks

Share tips/tricks about relevant topics once a week and that will make people wait for that and your profile views will increase.

Finding B2B leads on LinkedIn is very handy for marketers in terms of generating leads. They can reach their targeted audiences within a few clicks away. We would like to attach some statistics below for your better understanding:

How to Generate B2B Leads Apart from LinkedIn?

1. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

You can join Facebook groups and put up posts regarding your products. Open a business account on Twitter and tweet there frequently. You can have your own business account on Instagram and sell your products through followers.

2. Sending Cold Emails and Making Warm Calls

You can send chain emails regarding your current offers/deals to your targeted audiences. You can make outbound warm calls and advertise your product through telemarketing.

3. Listing Your Company to Directories

Listing your business to software company directories will drive leads to your company from audiences looking for similar products. Here’s a list of software directories you can use:

  • G2Crowd
  • Capterra
  • GetApp
  • CabinetM
  • Software Advice
  • SaaS Genius


Nonetheless, we have tried our best to explain how you can utilize Linkedin for your business. We recommend that you follow these simple tips to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn. We hope you generate leads by following our advice and your business grows. Get your content ready and start with a bang!

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