B2C Lead Generation

How Does B2C Lead Generation Work?

The full form of B2C is business-to-consumer. It involves selling products/services directly to the consumers through your company. The business will reach straight to the customers only. The business can be of clothes, perfumes, teaching services, etc where a direct connection with the customers exists. This relationship of business to consumers helps gain trust, assurance, and comfort among each other. Today, we will talk about how B2C lead generation work.

B2C Lead Generation
B2C Lead Generation

What is B2C Lead Generation?

It is the digital marketing process of building and capturing the consumer’s interest in your product or service with the end goal of creating a sales funnel.

It has the potential to create your visitors into prospects and then from prospects into real customers. All you have to keep in mind is that your approach should be attractive to the customers, it should be communicative and engaging to draw them towards your business.

B2B vs B2C Leads: What’s the Difference?

Here you have to understand your audiences. In b2b your audiences will be other businesses or their decision-makers and in b2c your audiences will be your customers who will be directly buying from you or your company.

Both b2b and b2c lead generation methods will be similar in reaching buyers but there are slight differences that are hugely noticeable.

We are starting a few such incidents below:

Time-Table Cycle

As the deals are signed between business-to-business, it takes longer to settle and close off a deal but the sales revenue is higher.                                                                                                                                                               It does not take much longer to settle and close off a deal, as you will be selling directly to the customers so it’s like you sell your product and you get paid for it. The sales revenue is lower but this process is easier.

Unique Contents:

Here your audiences are business owners who will need your content to be more specific and informative. It has to give out a more corporate feel and have attractive points for other companies’ profit. Here your contents need to be more engaging as you will be dealing with direct customers. Your content can be less formal and more inviting. For example; Facebook posts, videos, virtual ads, etc.

Audience Dimension:

Your audience reach will be narrower here as you have to reach out to business owners only with specific content and updates. Your audience reach will be broader here as you have to reach a huge amount of customers and match everyone’s different tastes.

Usage of Social Media:

Here you have to use Linkedin as it has the reach and leads to business owners or decision-makers. It will help you forge relationships that will be useful to your company. You have to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Linkedin to aim at your customers as it has a broader reach. You must promote your business on these platforms with daily content and updates to engage customers.

How Products Are Sold:

Usually, products are sold through personal connections, long-term partnerships, and trust. Sold to outsiders who the business does not know. That’s why it is about quality and consistency so that customers are drawn toward it.

How to Generate Leads for B2C?

  • Create a guide to solving problems from start to end.
  • Provide video solutions.
  • Contribute to other blogs/vlogs.
  • Ask for reviews/referrals.
  • Introduce interactive questions & answers sessions or discussions.
  • Cross-promote on different channels to generate leads.
  • Join podcasts to reach leads.
  • Improve your landing pages.
  • Interact via your social media accounts.
  • Introduce gamified content.
  • Revisit closed/lost opportunities.

Create a guide to solving problems from start to end:

Don’t let your customers stay in a dilemma about your products. Create guidebooks/e-books to clear their doubts. Explain everything about your product/service in that book. Be transparent about your tips/tricks. Teach them how to maximize the usage of your product/service for their benefit. Let your customers feel confident about your company.

Provide Video Solutions:

While reading can be a bit tricky, you can always go for visuals. Create videos for your customers to understand your products better. Video marketing has a lot of reaches to generate leads.

Visuals capture the minds of the buyers and interest them to buy from you. You can show the true potential of your product/service through a visualization/video.

Contribute to other blogs/vlogs:

Contributing to other blogs/vlogs will give you more exposure to your buyers. You can let them see that you are the best at what you do. You can contribute to their pain points and solve them. This will make them feel appreciated and happy.

Ask for reviews/referrals:

Whenever you sell a product to a customer, ask them to refer your product/service to their friends or families. You can also tell them to review your product on a social media site to increase sales and generate leads.

Introduce interactive questions & answers sessions or discussions:

Put up quizzes for your valuable customers to participate in. Try to make the quizzes more interesting by making them appealing and fit the topic. Consumers will likely try out your quiz if it tells them more about their personality. Make sure you put up relevant quizzes according to your company.

Cross-promote on different channels to generate leads:

Try using cross-promotions between social media and email marketing. For example, you can use social sharing buttons in your emails. Your email subscribers will use them to share on social media or forward them to their friends. On social media platforms, ask people to join your email community.

Talk about what they can expect after joining your email list. That way, you can build your followership and email subscriptions together.

Join podcasts to reach leads:

Podcasts are a huge deal nowadays. Joining a podcast station will help you get to your targeted audiences. Select a show which matches your business and talk about your products/services there and that will help you generate leads for your company.

Improve your landing pages:

Make sure your page has suitable and appropriate content in it. Put up high-quality photos, do video marketing, and add attractive captions to make your page pop. Make sure your page is showing in the feed regularly. Improve reach and customer satisfaction.

Interact via your social media accounts:

Always try to utilize your social media account to the fullest. Try to reply to your customer’s queries instantly. Provide proper and valid information to them. Try to use CRM software to not miss a lead generated from social media.

Introduce gamified content:

Make a game relating to your company. Make your customers engage in it and make them play it to generate leads. Give a prize to the winner. The winner can turn to your customer as a prospect by this method.

Revisit closed/lost opportunities:

You might have reached a level where people know what your company does but they were not ready to make an investment or buy from you. Try to reach out to them telling them the opportunity is still open if they want to invest or buy from you. This might even turn a prospect into a customer for your business.

B2c Lead Generation Companies

  • lead generation
  • LeadStal
  • Callbox
  • Upcall
  • DiscoverOrg
  • CandorWorks
  • Overdrive Interactive

B2C Lead Generation Tools

  • Unbounce
  • LeadStal
  • Instapage
  • LeadPages
  • Sumo
  • OptinMonster

To Wrap It Up

However, we have uplifted the entire scenario of B2C lead generation and how it works and we hope you got an idea about it. If you want to start working on your B2C strategies, we suggest you follow these tips/tricks.

You can also use the listed tools for your convenience.

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