Facebook Lead Generation Ads

10 Steps to Set Up Facebook Lead Generation Ads

As we all know how famous Facebook is with our generation, how it is helping us, and how it is contributing to the growth of technologies. Facebook is a platform where you can connect with your friends and family just a click away. Facebook is helping many businesses grow and is a hub for lead generations.

It is now ruling the whole world with countless opportunities and open doors. Today, we will learn how to generate leads on Facebook and also how to set up Facebook Lead Generation Ads.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads
Facebook Lead Generation Ads

How To Generate Facebook Leads?

  • Make it easy for people to show interest in lead ads
  • Start a conversation with your leads
  • Create an audience with the most engaging people
  • Test your ads and measure your outcome

Make It Easy For People To Show Interest With The Ads:

Lead ads make it easier to connect with people who are interested in your business. Lead ads form helps people sign up and answer tailor-made questions showing their interest in your business in just a few clicks.

Start A Conversation With Your Leads:

The message option helps send your ads to people who are interested to know more details about your business and would like to initiate a conversation regarding it. They can start a conversation regarding these ads in Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram. With sponsored messages, you can re-engage people you’re already talking to.

Create An Audience With The Most Engaging People:

Try to point out people who engaged most with your lead ads but didn’t convert from a prospect to a customer. Also try to reach people who are similar to people who have interacted with your Page, website, ads, or people on a customer list.

Test Your Facebook Lead Generation Ads And Measure Your Outcomes:

With the help of free measurement tools, you can create and extract reports via Ads Manager or the Ads Insights API to measure how many people completed your form or started a conversation in Messenger.

What Are Facebook Lead Generation Ads?

Facebook lead ads are basically advertising forms. These forms allow sellers to detain details from customers while offering opportunities to connect, such as newsletter subscriptions, demo requests, or contest registration.

When someone clicks on a lead ad, they are accorded with a form that’s pre-populated with information from their Facebook profile. The rest can be completed in a few easy taps.

How To Create A Facebook Lead Generation Ads In 10 Steps

Here’s how to set up Facebook Ads, step by step.

1. Go to Ads Manager.

2. In Ads Manager click Create in the top left corner.

3. Choose Lead generation as your objective and name your campaign.

4. Choose the Page you plan to use for the lead ad. Click View Terms and then agree to the Facebook Lead Ads terms and conditions after you’ve read them.

5. Choose your target audience, placements, budget, and schedule. Note: Lead ads cannot be targeted to people under the age of 18.

6. Select your lead ad formats. You can select the carousel, single image, video, or slideshow

7. Add your headline, body copy, and a call to action. A window on the right offers a preview of your ad as you create it.

8. Scroll down and click Contact Form. Here you can add a form title, an intro, questions, your company’s privacy policy, and a thank you screen.

Intro: Use this section to clearly explain why people should fill out your form.
Custom questions: There are two types of questions you can choose: Standard questions (ie. gender, job title) and custom questions. Ask custom questions that pertain to your business, for example: “When are you looking to buy a new dress?” Up to 15 questions can be included. Some governments bar advertisers from requesting certain information.

Form type: Under Form Type, you can select: More volume or higher intent. Choose more volume if your campaign goal is to get the form completed by as many people as possible. Selecting higher intent adds a step to your form that allows people to review and confirm their info before they hit submit. This is a good option if your objective is to seal a deal.

Privacy policy: Facebook lead ads need a link to your company’s privacy policy. Make sure you have a page on your business website.
Thank you screen: This screen will appear after the form is submitted. You can also include a call-to-action or download link here.

9. Click Settings under the name of your form and check that you would like to collect organic leads. This advanced step is optional but recommended. You can also change the language of your state here.

10. Click Finish in the top-right corner. Review and revise your ad from Ads Manager and when you’re ready to publish, click Confirm.

Once you’ve built an ad, you can access leads through customer system integration, implementation of the Facebook Marketing API, or manual download. Facebook also allows marketers to collect leads using Facebook Instant Experience forms.

10 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Lead Ads:

  1. Provide offers.
  2. Ask the right question.
  3. Integrate with your CRM.
  4. Observe comments.
  5. Add texts to images.
  6. Use the call-to-action method.
  7. Encourage customers to move further after completing the form to engage more with your business.
  8. Download lead generating and sales software.
  9. Follow up on leads.
  10. Reflect on your brand.

Provide Offers:

Offers and deals keep a customer base engaged in a business. If the customers find valuable offers/deals then they will buy from you which will result in more leads and profit.
Ask the right question- Always keep the text before your form short and relevant. Ask what you actually need to know and stay away from exaggeration. Keep the questionnaires to the point and simple as it will make it easier for the customers to answer.

Integrate With Your CRM:

CRM(customer relationship manager) is software that helps a business to maintain its relationship with its customer base. Sync the newly generated leads with your CRM and it will assist your sales team to connect with them immediately for an outcome.

Observe Comments:

Observe the ‘likes’, ‘shares’, and ‘comments’ and be very responsive to them. Find the leads through them and connect with them regarding your products/services.

Add Texts To Images:

Sometimes the audiences don’t feel like reading the caption/texts added to a product photo. Try adding a catchy text/caption inside the photo for them to read and understand the product better so that they buy it.

Use The Call-To-Action Method:

Try to direct your customer towards the ‘sign-up’ button in order to get your offer/deals/newsletters. Try to convert them into your subscribers and users of your website and email updates. This will let them know about your upcoming products and offers. Remember, filling up the form is not the end as you would want your customers to stay longer and generate leads.

Encourage Customers To Move Further After Completing The Form To Engage More With Your Business:

Try to hold a customer as your aim is not only getting Facebook leads but others as well. After completing of forms, try to direct them to your website to know more. Introduce a ‘click to call button’ for them to call you. Add a ‘buy now button for them to purchase from you.

Download Lead Generating And Sales Software:

Try to download lead-generating and sales software for greater outcomes. A few lists are:
Active Campaign

Follow Up On Leads:

Follow up on your leads as soon as you generate them and make yourself a place in their options. This will help you gain more customers and keep them.

Reflect Your Brand:

Make sure your advertisements are reflecting your company. Always make relevant ads and it drives your audiences towards your company. Keep it simple without unnecessary questions and information and make your audiences see why your products/services are valuable to them and why they should buy from you.

To Wrap It Up:

However, Facebook has unlimited options and uses. If you want to succeed through Facebook leads in 2021, we suggest you follow the points mentioned in this blog. We hope you get a good outcome by following it.

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