Get More SEO Clients

How to Get More SEO Clients Fast

As we all know what SEO means and how it works, So now it’s time to learn more about how we can acquire more SEO clients/leads faster. If you are running an SEO agency or want to start a new search engine optimization company, all you need is a team of talented people and trustworthy partners as it takes a squad to build such a business. You will have many ways open for you and you can welcome lots of ideas from different people on your team which all can be combined to make this business/agency a successful one.  

Get More SEO Clients
Get More SEO Clients

Let’s Discuss How We Can Get More SEO Clients Fast;

  • Carry out Site Audits
  • Offer a special feature that makes your site stand out
  • Networking
  • Irresistible offers and deals
  • Create Lead Magnets
  • Partnership
  • Publish “Pillar Content”
  • Be Active on Social Media
  • Cold Emails/Warm Calls
  • Use Your CRM for Scalability

Carry out Site Audits:

What do we mean by “Site Audit?” A site audit is when you review your website depending on the number of visitors/traffic gained, the percentage of the usage of your website, and reviews. You also get to differentiate between where you are going wrong and what you are doing right. By auditing the site, you can improve it and once your site is improved then your prospects will automatically be drawn to it and will be encouraged to use your service. 

Offer a special feature that makes your site stand out:

This is where the “Niche Marketing” term steps in. Introduce a special feature to your site which is only offered by your company. When you’ll have a niche feature in the market, consumers will pour in. What niche you choose depends on your expertise. And where you see the biggest opportunity. Suppose, if you’re really good at technical SEO. In that case, make that specialty clear on your website.

Or maybe you have a lot of experience with eCommerce SEO. Then you want to plaster “we’re eCommerce SEO experts” all over your site. This will make your prospect choose you based on your niche and expertise. 


Networking is very important! It will undoubtedly get you extra prospects and clients. If people don’t know or hear about you then how will you turn them into your leads?  There are so many opportunities to befriend other marketers through networking, so the only potential obstacle is a lack of social skills.

And if that’s not a problem for you, then luck has already blessed you. Just don’t be a silent observer, because that defeats the whole point of networking events. You have to talk, gel in, and mix with a variety of crowds if you want to reach out to them regarding your company. 

Irresistible offers and deals:

Engage more prospects by presenting them with good deals and offers on your service. Provide them with good discounted monthly schemes, promotional prices on purchases, and lots more.

If your prospects want something, it only makes sense to get it before it becomes more expensive, right? That’s the whole point of giving out offers and deals. Make it as obvious as possible that your leads have something awesome to gain, and you can expect them to say “yes”.

Create Lead Magnets:

A lead magnet drives your site visitors/traffic to exchange information, such as their email addresses for access. An effective lead magnet helps you understand who your target audience is and learn more about them. This helps you create better marketing strategies that actually address audience needs and gives you better overall leads. Lead magnets can be anything, for example; 

  • Case studies
  • Checklists
  • Ebooks
  • SEO reports
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Premium memberships

The list goes on and on.

As long as you show your users a form to fill out, you can offer them any treat you want. Just be sure to make it clear how cool and valuable it is.


 The partnership helps a company/agency to grow straight away. When you partner with another agency/company that is also in a similar business such as design, social media, content, etc you have good clients that need SEO. And many of them are happy to pass them off to you for a fee as your partner. 

Publish “Pillar Content”:

Pillar content is content that provides a complete answer to any question a user may be searching for on a specific topic. It’s specifically designed to provide effectiveness for the reader and also to rank highly in search engines. Always try to provide contents that are commonly searched. Conduct “Keyword Research” to understand the depth of the content so that the maximum keywords are reached and a certain topic is ranked high in the search engines when looked up. 

Be Active on Social Media:

Always make an effort to be active on social media. Being active on social media will open up many opportunities for you and your business. Your business can connect with your prospects through social media and show them what your business is about and how profitable it can be for them.

It will have various ways to advertise your company/agency through it. You can also send non-spammy messages to relevant business accounts on LinkedIn to promote your business. Shoot your SEO expert advice on social media for your followers/users to know how good you’re at your business and make it sound legit. 

Cold Emails/Warm Calls:

Try to reach out to your clients through cold emails and warm calls. Send warm emails to your prospects and existing customers about your current updates, recent deals, and others. This will inform them about the latest news and upcoming offers that you will be giving out. Also, warm calls help.

You can make a database and call your prospects. This way you can communicate with them directly and it will be more efficient. You can talk to them and hear the tone and decide if this prospect will turn into a customer or not. That way you can make a list of prospects and can follow up on them and if they are actually interested then they can turn into customers. 

Use Your CRM for Scalability:

After you’ve qualified and collected your leads, it’s time to add them to your Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM). This will help you manage, track and identify your customers.



This is the goal.

Quality SEO leads should be converted to SEO clients who have all the intention of buying and converting it to win. However, it isn’t as smooth. There are a lot of twists and turns happening in the conversion process and that’s where a CRM comes in. 

When an SEO Lead is added to the CRM, an account manager can easily track it no matter where they are in the conversion cycle. Using a CRM also lets you divide your general market into segments. It also saves you time when it comes to monitoring, tracking, and analytics. You can also modify your content if you see them not working as you expected. 


However, we have discussed how we can generate SEO clients fast. We hope we were able to make the points clear to you and have helped you understand the strategies better.

We also have written articles on various lead generation topics, you can start with our “How To Get Leads On LinkedIn” article. Thanks for reading and being with us. 

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