How to Get Profitable Leads From Zillow

Get Profitable Leads From Zillow
Get Profitable Leads From Zillow

In this article, we’ll discuss how to get profitable leads from Zillow. We’ll also talk about how Zillow works and what it is used for.

Get Profitable Leads From Zillow
Get Profitable Leads From Zillow

Let’s get to know Zillow; Zillow is a real estate website in the US, it basically offers its customers an on-demand experience for selling, buying, renting, and financing with clarity and nearly flawless end-to-end service.

For Sellers

Zillow provides all the important information for a seller on how to sell their property through Zillow. Zillow connects both the seller and buyer with the type of property they are looking/selling for. Sellers can use their home’s Zestimate as a starting point to see the profit potential of selling.

It helps join them with a local Zillow Premier Agent, a go-to expert who can do a competitive market analysis and consult on home improvements to maximize home value.

For Buyers 

As mentioned above, Zillow links sellers to buyers and vice versa. The Zillow agents help customers to find their dream properties. The affiliated lender of the company, Zillow Home Loans provides mortgage pre-approvals and financing; Zillow Closing Services, Zillow’s affiliated title, and escrow provider offers title and closing services.

For Renters 

Zillow Rentals makes it easy for renters to search, request tours, apply, and pay rent through the Zillow platform. Renters can submit applications through Zillow and proactively process their credit and background checks to streamline their application process. Zillow Rentals platform integrates with other property management back-end solutions, making the listing experience easier for landlords or property managers.

What are Zillow Leads?

How to Get Profitable Leads From Zillow

Let’s Talk about How to Get Profitable Leads From Zillow:

  1. Be the solution for all things local
  2. Get client reviews
  3. Post your former and recent sales to your Zillow Group profile
  4. Add your listings to Zillow
  5. Flaunt your listings, reviews, and local market status
  6. Engage with local buyers and sellers using social media and forums
  7. Become a Zillow Premier Agent
  8. Follow Up Quickly 

Be the solution for all things local:

Always come up with a solution for your local community. This will help them get to know about you and when in trouble they can turn to you valuing your knowledge regarding the local area and things.

Try spreading local information as much as you can, be it about a particular area, weather, local events, transportation, tips, local resources, etc. Doing that will make you stand out in your local community making you an expert in this field. 

Pro Tip – Start with creating creative videos and posting them on your profile. It can be restaurant reviews, property reviews, etc. This will give you the exposure you will need as an agent. 

Get client reviews:

Keeping clients satisfied is very important! If you can keep a client satisfied and provide what they need then they will give a positive review about your company. Remember, reviews are everything! Always request or compel your clients to put up a good and helpful review about you.

If people can see that your existing clients are happy with your service, they will definitely use your service for their needs. If you’re doing your business well then you don’t even have to request your clients for a review, it will come up on its own following your excellent service. 

Pro Tip – Respond to every review- good or bad, both. Handle them cleverly and calmly. Even a simple “Thanks for reviewing me!” shows that you value all your clients and what each has to say, no matter what that might be.

Post your former and recent sales to your Zillow Group profile:

Regularly post about your former and recent sales as it shows how well your company and you are doing.  Your sales history shows your local experience and can motivate leads to contact you as their local real estate expert and professional.

Pro Tip – Stay connected even while running around town. Make it a habit to post often. 

Add your listings to Zillow:

The more listings you have on Zillow, the more exposure you will get, which will result in more contacts and potential closings. Listing the properties of your clients which are for sale will get connected to your contacts and leads will come along. Sites like Zillow depend on the internet to generate leads for selling and buying. Make the most use of it and list away. 

Pro Tip – Improve your knowledge of how Zillow gets listings and how to sync them with your profile. Knowing how the process works will help you better use your listings to get maximum exposure on Zillow.

Flaunt your listings, reviews, and local market status:

Show off your listings, reviews, and market status to your prospects. This will amaze them with how good you’re at your work. Utilize Zillow’s Facebook Tabs for business pages, and the Zillow widget tools for your blogs and websites. Merging these Web tools to your public-facing platforms can potentially increase your contacts outside of Zillow and give you a better real estate-related Web presence.

Also, by creating and adding a Zillow lead capture and lead generation form, you’ll make the process easier for consumers to reach you and be one step closer to more contacts.

Pro Tip – Keep a data chart and proof of your listing so that when you meet a new prospect you can show them how well you’re doing.

Engage with local buyers and sellers using social media and forums:

Keep an eye on your local social media accounts/groups to find out about what new is happening currently. Get information about your local events or discussions which are going on. Step in when someone from your neighborhood is looking for a property to buy or sell.

Check out real estate forums and get email alerts and be notified when someone in your local area asks a question there. Connecting with prospects in your local markets will increase your contacts. Readers — not active but participants — are heavily influenced by your comments, answers, and involvement in these local and important discussions.

Pro Tip –  Learn how consumers conduct searches on Zillow, then participate in the forum by answering questions posed by buyers and sellers in your local area.

Become a Zillow Premier Agent:

Premier Agents get a lot of perks. They show up on listings in their zip code. The agents get featured across other Zillow networks, including Trulia and They get an IDX website with professional templates to choose from and a custom domain name. Agents also get connected directly to hot leads over the phone.

It may be worth the price of upgrading, but remember that you can do everything on this list with a free Zillow account and some hustle.

You can also add videos to your listings. Videos are engaging, easy to consume and give the prospective buyer a chance to “tour” the property without leaving their screen. It also gets them a feel for the space that you can’t replicate in still photos.

Pro Tip-  Once you become a Zillow Premier Agent, you get a lot of facilities and truly understand what your clients need and how to help them.

Follow Up Quickly:

Once you become a Zillow Premier Agent, you will be flooded with messages, leads, inquiries, and calls. Always respond quickly to follow-up so that you don’t lose a client.

However, sometimes, you have no other choice but to follow up instantly so try to reach out to them as soon as possible. The sooner you return a call, the better your chances are of converting the prospect into a client.

Pro Tip – Always be nice to your clients when following up and sound polite. 


Zillow can help us look for properties and Zillow agents help us get in touch with the type of property we want and fix a meeting to proceed further. We have already discussed how Zillow can help us and how we can generate leads from Zillow. Hope we could help you with your thoughts about Zillow.

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Thanks for reading! Best of Luck!


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