Instagram Scrapers: Free vs. Paid – Finding Your Perfect Fit!

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Instagram scrapers help you to extract data from Instagram, which are Instagram posts, full name, user name, profile confidentiality, number of followers, number of followings, post engagement, images, likes & comments, social media, estimated post price, and many more to formulate your marketing strategy. Moreover, in this blog, we will compare the free versus paid Instagram scraper software and try to find the perfect Instagram scraping tool for you. So, read through the article and choose your perfect Instagram extractor tool. 

What’s an Instagram Scraper?

Now, let’s understand what an Instagram Scraper is. In simple words, it’s a tool that helps extract data from Instagram, like posts, emails, followers, and hashtags. Moreover,  It’s a real game-changer for businesses, marketers, and researchers, as it provides valuable insights and saves loads of time.

Free Instagram Scrapers – The Temptation

Next, who doesn’t love free stuff, right? Moreover, free Instagram Scrapers might seem like a sweet deal at first glance. Subsequently, there are many Instagram scrapers online free to try out as beginners. Furthermore, they promise to deliver the goods without costing a dime. But, here’s the catch. Many free Instagram scrapers might not be as reliable as they claim. Some common issues you may encounter are:

Limited Features in Free Instagram Scrapers:

Firstly, free Instagram scraping tools may have limited features and data extraction options. Therefore, You might not get all the juicy data you need to supercharge your marketing strategies.

Free Instagram Scrapers and Security Risks:

Secondly, trusting your data with a free Instagram scraper can be risky. Hence, they may not have enhanced security measures, putting your precious information in jeopardy.

Sluggish Performance is often experienced with free Instagram Scrapers

Thirdly, free Instagram scraping tools often suffer from slower loading times and delays, making the data scraping process frustratingly sluggish.

Free Instagram Scrapers is Full of Ads and Distractions:

Fourthly, some free Instagram scrapers bombard you with ads, making your experience more about dodging pop-ups than collecting valuable data.

Paid Instagram Scrapers – The Pros

Next, let’s talk about the paid side of things. Sure, you’ll need to open your wallet a bit, but with paid Instagram scrapers, you usually get what you pay for—quality! Hence, here are some benefits of investing in a paid option:

Full-Fledged Functionality:

Initially, a paid Instagram scraper usually offers a full suite of features for comprehensive insights. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to data extraction.

Ensures Reliability and Support:

Secondly, you can count on paid services to be more reliable, with customer support to help you out in case of any issues.

Enhanced Security:

Thirdly, your data’s safety is a priority with paid scrapers. So, they often implement robust security measures to protect your information.

Provide Speedy Performance:

Unlike the snail’s pace of some free tools, paid Instagram scrapers are built for speed, providing faster and more efficient data extraction for your Instagram insights.

Instagram scraper by LeadStal


Instagram Scrapers: Free vs. Paid a Comparison

Afterward, here is a comparison of free and paid Instagram Scrapers for your proper understanding of the tools:



Free Instagram Scraper

Paid Instagram Scraper


Limited functionalities and data extraction options         

Full suite of features for comprehensive insights 


Less dependable, may have errors in data extraction    

More reliable and accurate data extraction      


Less secured, potential risks with data safety

Enhanced security measures for protecting your data


Slower loading times and delays in data retrieval 

Faster and efficient data extraction

Customer Support

Limited or no customer support is available

Reliable customer support for assistance


Free, no upfront cost but limited features

Paid, may vary in pricing based on features and usage

Finding Your Perfect Instagram Scrapers:

Now, after we’ve weighed the pros and cons, how do you decide which one suits you best? Overall, consider these factors to find your perfect Instagram Scraper match:


Firstly, free Instagram scrapers can be a good starting point if you’re just starting or have a limited budget. However, if you’re serious about extracting in-depth data, investing in a paid Instagram scraper or Instagram extractor is worth considering.

Data Needs:

Secondly, assess your data requirements. Overall, if you need comprehensive insights, reports, and competitor insights, a paid Instagram scraper is likely the way to go.

Time Sensitivity:

Thirdly, are you in a hurry to get Instagram data quickly and efficiently? Well, paid  Instagram scraper tools offer better performance, ideal for time-sensitive projects.

Security Concerns:

Fourthly, if your Instagram data is sensitive or confidential, investing in a reputable paid Instagram scraper will ensure your information stays protected.

3 Most Affordable Instagram Scrapers for Lead Generation

Now, here are the 3 most cost-effective and user-friendly Instagram scrapers for your business growth. Thus, you can enhance your Instagram Strategy with these Data Extractors: Click for more tools

Instagram Scraper by Leadstal

Instagram Scraper By Leadstal| Cost-Effective and User-Friendly

Firstly, this Instagram Scraper tool was developed by a new and promising Startup company Leadstal ( Overall, this Instagram scraper is user-friendly and cost-effective in the market for all types of users and also offers a range of interesting key features. Moreover, according to their Google Chrome Extention page overview: “This is the most powerful and fastest IG scraping tool to generate a ton of IG leads with valid emails and phone numbers, anywhere in the world”.

Key Features

  • Email verification upon finding
  • Bulk email Search
  • Extraction of Personal Email, Last Activity, Followers, Following, Email, Phone number, Website, and Social media
  • Extraction of company name, Company Followers, Company Employees, Company Age, Company Email, Company Phone Number, Company Website, and Company Social Media
  • Export of data to CSV and XL
  • Ability to filter emails, phone numbers, last activity, website, and social sites
  • Available as a Chrome extension and web app
  • Cheapest in price
  • Resume scraping automatically from where you stopped or paused. Do not need to start all over again.

Pricing Plans

  • Firstly, Free: 20 credits per month
  • Secondly, Standard: US$9.99 per month for 2800 credits
  • Thirdly, Business: US$35 per month for 10,000 credits
  • Lastly, Premium: US$250 per month for 100,000 credits

X Email Extractor | Best Instagram Scraper for Insights

Secondly, this Instagram scraper software is an excellent Instagram email extractor and makes the lead collection effortless. Moreover, it has a 4.7-star review at Trustpilot for email scraping. As per the company data, it can generally extract 100k emails within 24 hours.
This tool is recommended for marketers and business sales for cold email marketing and cold calls. The best option for this tool is the credits you buy never expire, not after one month or any period. Use those credits whenever you need them, worth your money. Here are some features of this tool :

Key Features:

  • Extract leads directly to Google Sheets and you can edit them as you want
  • Provides scrapes quick
  • You can scrape by followers, following, and hashtags
  • The web application is also available
  • Credits never expire
  • Easy to use
  • You don’t need any technical knowledge for the operation

Pricing Plan:

  • Firstly, The basic plan costs $42
  • Secondly, The business plan costs $118
  • Thirdly, the premium plan costs $327

Scraping Bee | Quick and Easy Instagram Scraper

Thirdly, the last Instagram Scraper on the list is Scraping Bee is one of the best Instagram extractors or contact finders in terms of quick and easy data collection. Moreover, this tool uses a unique scraping technique to extract data from Instagram feeds.
Thus, this tool lets you export all kinds of information and images including the user’s full bio, profile picture, location, contact information, emails, and other important data without getting blocked. Now, here are some features of this tool:

Key Features:

  • Extract leads directly to Google Sheets.
  • Instagram’s secure email extraction software.
  • It is effortless to use.
  • It has a large proxy pool.
  • Also, remove the search engine results page.
  • Renders JavaScript.

Pricing Plan

  • Firstly, The freelance plan costs $49 /month.
  • Secondly, The startup plan costs $99 /month.
  • Thirdly, Business plan costs $249 /month
  • Finally, The enterprise plan will be a customizable prize.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 What is the Main Difference Between Free and Paid Instagram Scrapers Tool?

Answer: The main difference between free and paid Instagram scraper tools lies in their functionality and features. Free tools often come with limitations in data extraction options, and they may lack some advanced features available in paid options. Paid tools, on the other hand, provide a comprehensive suite of functionalities for more in-depth data extraction and analysis. While free Instagram scraper tools may be a good starting point for casual users, investing in a paid Instagram scraper can unlock a treasure trove of insights and efficiency.

Are Free Instagram Scraper Tools Safe to Use?

Answer: While some free Instagram scraper tools may be safe, it’s essential to exercise caution. Many free tools might lack robust security measures, potentially putting your data at risk. Additionally, some free options may have slower performance or bombard users with ads. Before using a free Instagram scraper tool, carefully review the provider’s reputation and ensure they prioritize data security. Paid Instagram scraper tools often offer enhanced security measures and reliable customer support, making them a safer choice for sensitive data.

The Bottom Line

Finally, there you have it, When it comes to Instagram Scrapers, the decision between free and paid depends on your specific needs and priorities. Free Instagram scraper options can be a starting point for casual users, but for serious instant data scraper investing in paid Instagram scrapers will unlock a treasure trove of insights and efficiency.

Remember, choosing the right Instagram scrapers can give you a competitive edge and help you ace your Insta game. Happy Instagram scraping, and may your Instagram journey be filled with success and growth! 💪📈

Last Updated: 05/09/2023

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