10 Breathtaking Ideas To Generate Insurance Leads

Generate Insurance Leads
Generate Insurance Leads

In the course of life, so many unexpected things tend to happen. We cannot always take our life as guaranteed. You never know what turns your life can take in a blink of an eye, that is why we should always be prepared for the worst. In this bad phase of our life, insurance is a very crucial matter. Today, we’ll share some ideas on how to generate insurance leads.

Generate Insurance Leads
Generate Insurance Leads

What is insurance? 

Insurance provides financial support and reduces unpredictability in business and in human life. It provides safety and security against certain events. Insurance provides cover against any sudden loss. For example, in the case of life insurance financial assistance is provided to the family of the insured upon his death. Let’s get to know how we can generate insurance leads below.

Types of Insurances:

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Motor insurance
  3. Health insurance
  4. Travel Insurance
  5. Property insurance
  6. Mobile Insurance

Life Insurance:

 This insurance refers to a policy where the policyholder takes this scheme so that after his death his family members don’t suffer and can get an amount of money/savings for their survival or financial support.

Motor insurance:

This refers to a policy that offers financial support involving any accidents or damages to your car or bike. It can be availed for three categories of motorized vehicles, including:

  • Car Insurance: Personally owned four-wheeler vehicles are covered under such a policy.
  • Two-wheeler Insurance: Personally owned two-wheeler vehicles, including bikes and scooters, are covered under these plans.
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance: If you own a vehicle that is used commercially, you need to avail of insurance for the same. These policies ensure that your business automobiles stay in the best shape, reducing losses significantly.

Health insurance:

This insurance is a type of general insurance, which provides financial assistance to policyholders when they are admitted to hospitals for treatment. Additionally, some plans also cover the cost of treatment undertaken at home, prior to hospitalization, or after discharge from the same.

With the rising medical inflation in the world, buying health insurance has become a necessity. However, before proceeding with your purchase, consider the various types of health insurance plans available in your country. 

Travel insurance:

When talking about the different types of insurance policies, one must not forget to learn more about travel insurance plans. Such policies ensure the financial safety of a traveler during a trip. Therefore, when compared to other insurance policies, travel insurance is a short-term cover.

Depending on the provider you choose, travel insurance may offer financial support at various times, such as during the loss of baggage, trip cancellation, and much more. Here is a look at some of the different types of travel insurance plans available:

  • Domestic Travel Insurance: This is the kind of travel insurance policy that safeguards your finances during travels within India. However, if you plan to step outside the country for a vacation, such a policy would not offer any aid.
  • International Travel Insurance: If you are stepping out of the country, ensure you pick an international travel insurance plan. It allows you to cover the unforeseen expenses that can arise during your trip like medical emergencies, baggage loss, loss of passport, etc.
  • Home Holiday Insurance: When you are traveling with family, your home remains unguarded and unprotected. The chances of burglary are always significant, which may lead to significant losses. Thankfully, with home holiday insurance plans, which are often included within travel policies, you are financially protected from such events as well. 

Property insurance:

Here are some types of property insurance policies available:

  • Home Insurance: With such a policy, you remain free from all financial liabilities that may arise from damage to your home or contents inside due to fires, burglaries, storms, earthquakes, explosions, and other events.
  • Shop Insurance: If you own a shop, which acts as a source of income for you, it is integral to protect yourself from financial liability arising from the same. Whether the liability occurs due to natural calamities or due to accidents, with these plans, you can immediately undertake repairs to the shop.
  • Office Insurance: Another type of property insurance policy, office insurance ensures that the office building and all the equipment inside are significantly protected in the event of unforeseen events. Generally, office spaces include expensive equipment, such as computers, servers, and much more. Thus, availing of these plans is essential.
  • Building Insurance: If you own a complete building, opting for home insurance may not be sufficient. Instead, you can purchase building insurance to cover the entire premises.

Mobile insurance:

With the rising price of mobile phones and their several applications today, it has become very essential to ensure the device. Mobile insurance allows you to reclaim money that you spend on repairing your phone in the event of accidental damage or if you lost it. You can also claim the same in case of phone theft, making it easier to replace the handset with a new phone.

How do we “Generate Insurance Leads?”

  1. Word of mouth
  2. Direct Requests
  3. Partnerships
  4. Advertising
  5. Guerilla Marketing
  6. Events/Networking
  7. Online Marketing
  8. Free Consultations
  9. Cold Emails/warm calls
  10. Full-fledged Website 

Word of mouth:

To increase the exposure of your company/business you will need some fixed and brand-loyal customers in order to get hooked to other targeted customers. The importance of word-of-mouth is trust, satisfaction, and reliability.

If your existing customers are happy and content with your brand and services then they will spread the word. They will draw more new audiences to your business. This method will help you gain more customers so keep your existing customers satisfied with the best deals and commendable services. 

Direct Requests:

This is an old-school method that will include you directly going to your customers and talking it out with them for recommending you to other prospects. This can also include going door-to-door and knocking to prospects about your business deals and providing them with accurate details. You can also approach your prospects randomly on roads, at malls, or at events and let them know about your business. 


Another way to generate leads from referrals is by striking up partnerships with other businesses. You can set up relationships to either pay for leads from your partners or simply do the same for them by recommending their services to your clients.

Either way, instead of simply giving out phone numbers or business cards to get prospective clients to call you, you can have your partner do this work for you. For example; being an insurance company you can partner up with banks, financial aid companies, and others to generate leads and gain new customers. 


To get leads, you have to showcase your brand to the targeted audiences. Through advertisements, you can make this possible. You can opt for various techniques for advertisements. For example;

  • Newspaper Advertisements
  • Yellow Pages Advertisements
  • Radio Advertisements
  • TV advertisements 
  • Flyers/leaflets

Guerilla Marketing:

 the term “guerilla marketing” is usually defined as getting your message across using unconventional, untypical marketing tools with a limited or non-existent budget.

While it previously included mostly local (and barely legal) marketing methods such as graffiti, sticker bombing, or flyer posting, current guerilla marketing practices include flash mobs, viral campaigns, and various types of online marketing as well.


Take participation in different types of events that are relevant to your business. Set up a booth or an information desk to provide audiences with the details of your business.

Mingle with different kinds of people and forge a bonding with them in the events or gatherings. Network your way up. Networking and forming a good relationship is a great way to generate leads.

Online Marketing:

Create relevant content and materials online to build your brand image. Create videos, take photos and give out information about your business to the world. Make your social media presence strong and construct your Linkedin profile firmly. 

Free Consultations:

Offer free consultations to your existing and new customers. Let them consult with you before taking your service. Let them know how your service will be helpful to them. Convince them that your service will assist them in every way possible. 

Cold Emails/warm calls:

Scrap out a database and start calling your leads. Let them know about your business and convince them to purchase from you. Send them weekly cold emails about your newly launched schemes, your offers, and details about your brand. This is a great way to turn prospects into customers.

Full-fledged Website:

Publish a full-fledged business website of your own where every inch of detail is mentioned along with packages, offers, and deals. Set up a button ‘Call us’ or ‘Email us’ which will direct them to your helpline number or official email address. Set up a chatbot to answer your prospect’s queries. Design the website very nicely to attract prospects to your products/services. 


Hence, we have explained how you can generate insurance leads for your insurance company and how effective each method will be. We all should be aware of our decisions and should move forward to get ourselves insured for a better future and less diminishment.

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