5 Splendid Lead Generation Software for Small Businesses

Lead Generation Software for Small Businesses
Lead Generation Software for Small Businesses

Today, we’re going to talk about 5 splendid “Lead Generation Software” for small businesses. When someone starts a new business they put their every hard work and effort into it may it be a small or a large business. Usually, when he/she starts a business they start it small initially then gradually grows into a bigger company.

When a business is started off small it will need all the necessary tools to generate leads which will help them to grow. This article is for all those small businesses that are going to start their journey or have already started. We will suggest some ideas on how to expand the business, generate leads, and gain customers.

Lead Generation Software for Small Businesses
Lead Generation Software for Small Businesses

What is Small Business Lead Generation?

Small business lead generation is when a small business tries different strategies to build interest in their product or service and allure those prospects who are interested in the hopes that they will eventually become customers.

Organic Lead Generation Ideas for Small Business:

  • Do basic local SEO
  • Publish a blog
  • Guest post on relevant websites
  • Get active on social media
  • Run social media ads
  • Use email marketing
  • Offer deals
  • Offer fun

Do Basic Local SEO:

Try to enlist your brand to your local search engine cause when prospects search for a type of product/service your company sells then your company name will pop up to them in the top rank list for browsing.

Publish A Blog:

Write blogs about your company. Attach images and videos of your product/service for your readers to see and understand what type of business you own. Be specific about your product/service and give details for better understanding.

Guest Post On Relevant Websites:

Offer your expertise, for free, to online publishers in the form of guest posts. Where possible, include links in your articles to useful resources on your website.

Get Active On Social Media:

Amp up your social media game! Try to be as active as possible on your social media. Keep posting regularly with eye-catching content so that your customers and prospects get interested and engaged.

Run Social Media Ads:

Facebook advertising is easy, often effective, and offers a very low cost for entry. You can get started for $5 per day.
Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube all offer online advertising programs you can experiment with to generate leads.

Use Email Marketing:

Send newsletters and meaningful emails that inform recipients of helpful content you’ve published on your site. Send emails of your latest deals and products.

Offer Deals:

Give discounts, coupons, and cashback offers.

Offer Fun:

Introduce quizzes with prices, giveaways, and contests.

To generate leads for your small business, you will also need some ‘Lead Generation’ tools and software which you can use alongside your organic methods.

Here is 5 brilliant ‘Lead Generation’ tools/software you can use:

  • Agile CRM
  • Pipedrive
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub
  • Bitrix24
  • Pardot

Agile CRM:
Agile CRM automated marketing, lead management, sales, and service. It offers web analytics, a help desk, two-way emails, telephony, and other features in its easy-to-use platform. Agile CRM is best suited for mid-size companies, but smaller businesses and startups will like its free version.

Agile CRM’s lead generation tools include:

  • Custom landing pages and smart forms
  • Website pop-ups
  • Email finder
  • Telephone auto dialer
  • Personalized lead generation
  • Acquire leads in bulk at LinkedIn

This software has smart marketing tools which will help sell your products and services. It is designed by sales experts, Pipedrive’s inborn main dashboard displays the current status of every sale funnel stage to keep lead generation and management front and center.

Pipedrive lead generation software includes:

  • Smart forms
  • Outbound lead prospecting
  • Automated leads routing to the most suitable sales reps

Pipedrive has one essential add-on that is LeadBooster, a customizable website chatbot that states queries and collects information from your visitors. Create a “playbook” for your chatbot that aligns with specific business objectives: more leads, more meetings, lead qualifying, routing, or live chat with website visitors.

HubSpot Marketing Hub:
HubSpot Marketing Hub is a well-developed digital marketing solution that includes lead generation, customer service, and collaboration functionality. They constructed the term “inbound marketing.” It can easily create email campaigns, segment content by the target audience, and supervise the performance of each campaign.

HubSpot Marketing Hub’s lead generation software includes:

  • Smart forms and pop-ups
  • Automatic web searches for more contact information
  • Automated email creation
  • Live chat

Bitrix24 is a full-fledged CRM that plans your leads, messages, tasks, calendars, contacts, documents, and more. It will create leads, record information, assign tasks, close deals, sort records, and report information with tools for project management, social networking, email marketing, and phone management.

Bitrix24’s contact center has over 20 lead capture tools for email, phone, instant messaging, live chat, and social media.

Bitrix24’s Lead generation tools include:

  • Landing page generator
  • CRM smart forms
  • Social media marketing

Bitrix24 makes it effortless to create smart web forms to capture lead information. Using a form template, add fields for contact info, company, deal, quote or invoice, or your own custom fields.

Pardot is a marketing platform targeted at Salesforce software users. In fact, apart from just being a Salesforce add-on, its tools increase brand positioning through automated marketing and generate leads for your sales funnel. Like all Salesforce products, Pardot isn’t cheap.

Pardot lead generation features consist of a landing page builder, smart forms, organic and paid search, and social posting and profiling.

Pardot’s In-depth analytics track performance in multiple areas:

  • Analyze lead sources
  • Build life cycle reports
  • Align automated lead scoring with revenue generated
  • Determine your most engaged prospects
  • Identify top-performing content


To sum up this whole article, we would also like you to try these tools/software afterward. We have already explained the usage and benefits of these tools/software in this article for your assistance.

We hope it will be very beneficial for you. These tools/software will help you reach your targeted audiences and will help you turn your prospects into customers. Usage of these will help you understand the market better and draw feedback. We hope your business blooms and you succeed in what you want to do with your business. We wish you success and good luck.


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