6 Top Instagram Scraper in 2023 to Scrape Instagram Data

Instagram scraper by LeadStal

Hello people! Welcome back to our blog. Initially, a new topic on finding affordable and effective Instagram scraper to scrape Instagram data. Now, in this blog, we will make it easy for you to find the right Instagram scraping tool in terms of effectiveness, reliability, and cost

Moreover, we will talk about their key features, pricing plans, ratings, and key features comparison. Overall, we are confident that this article will assist you in finding the right Instagram scraper to formulate marketing strategies for your business growth without breaking the bank. So, hang on, and good luck!

What is an Instagram Scraper

Next, we will discuss some Instagram scraping tools that are reliable, effective, and low in price. 

Moreover, you can get many services from a single tool. Thus,  you don’t have to subscribe to one tool for one service like you don’t have to subscribe to the IG followers scraper tool just to scrape IG followers. 

Overall, these Instagram scraper tools are affordable and effective as you can scrape data from personal or company profiles, followers, following, emails, websites, phone numbers, likes, comments, and many more just by subscribing to one IG scraper tool at a very low cost. 

Key Features of Instagram Scrapers

Now, let’s discuss the key features these Instagram scraping tools should have. Therefore, we have formulated the following key features for your benefit, so that you can select the right tool as per your requirements for the IG profile scraping.

Bulk or single profile scraping:

Moreover, it offers the ability to scrape profiles in bulk or individually.

Extraction of data, including:

Notably, it can extract various data points such as emails, last activity, followers, following, and social media details.
Extraction of company data, such as:

Additionally, it can retrieve essential company information like company name and contact details.

Ability to filter data:

Furthermore, users have the option to filter and refine the extracted data.

High data accuracy rate:

Importantly, it boasts a high level of accuracy when extracting information.

Data verification:

In addition, it provides data verification services to ensure the information is reliable.

Resume from the last paused scraping:

Moreover, it allows users to resume scraping from where they left off.

Available as a Chrome extension and app:

Furthermore, it is available both as a Chrome extension and as a standalone application.

Data Export to CSV and Excel:

Additionally, it supports easy data export to formats like CSV and Excel.

Good subscriber reviews:

Notably, it has received positive feedback from subscribers.

Free version available:

Additionally, there is a free version of the tool for users to explore.

Pricing under US$ 53:

Lastly, it is priced at an affordable rate, coming in at under US$ 53.

Comparison Between 6 Top Instagram Scrapers

Next, let’s compare some basic features of the 6 IG email scraper to understand their effectiveness and affordability. 

Please note: Y= Yes and N=No

Features Instagram Scraper And Instagram Email Finder by LeadStal X Email Extractor Scraping Bee InstaGrow Smartproxy IGLEADS.IO
Free Version Yes No No Yes No No
Bulk Data Scraper Yes Y Yes Y Yes Y
All types of Data Extraction with one software  Y yes Y Yes Y Yes
Data verification Yes Y Yes Y Yes Y
Resume scraping from the last stopped or paused scraping Yes No N No N No
Chrome Extension Yes No N Y No N
Price under US$ 53 Yes Y Yes


Y Yes Y

6 Top Instagram Scrapers of 2023

Now, let’s discuss the 6 top Instagram scrapers that are cost-effective and user-friendly in 2023. So, here is our top 6 affordable Instagram email finder for you.

Instagram Scraper By Leadstal |Cost-Effective Instagram Scraper Tool

Instagram scraper by LeadStal

Next, this tool called Instagram Scraper and Instagram Email Finder was made by a new and promising company called Leadstal (https://leadstal.com/). Subsequently, the company is made up of a team of enthusiastic people who want to develop cost-effective software that anyone can use.

Furthermore, this tool helps find all types of Instagram including emails, followers, following, user names, likes, etc. within a few seconds. Moreover, it’s very easy to use and not expensive. Overall, It also has many useful features and makes sure most of the data it finds are accurate and reliable.

Moreover, this Instagram scraping tool by leadStal has the following tagline: “Unlock All Data with Just One Tool, No Separate Subscriptions Needed.” Hence, this Instagram scraping tool is a top choice for beginners to professional digital marketers due to its cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Now, let’s learn about the important things this tool can do:

Types of Instagram Leads You Can Scrape 

  • Leads from IG Hashtags
  • Leads from IG Location
  • Leads from IG Post Likes
  • Leads from IG Post Comments
  • Leads from Profile Followers
  • Leads from Profile Following
  • Full Profile Scraping
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Social Media

List of Data from IG Users

  • Full Name
  • User Name
  • Followers & Following
  • Account Type
  • Bio & Website
  • Average Likes
  • Average Comments
  • Post Engagement
  • Estimated Post Price
  • Estimated Story Price
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers

List of Data from IG Posts

  • Original Photo Download Link
  • Total Likes
  • Total Comments
  • Caption & Hashtags
  • Date & Time

Pricing Plan of Instagram Scraper | LeadStal

  • Firstly, Free Plan: 100 credits or emails or any data per month
  • Secondly, Standard Plan: US$10 per month for 2800 credits or emails or any data
  • Thirdly, Business Plan: US$35 per month for 10,000 credits or emails or any data
  • Fourthly, the Premium Plan: US$ 250 per month for 100,000 credits or emails or any data

Customer Support

Next, LeadStal’s customer support is 24/7 and is very generous, and professional, and provide quick solution. Lastly, the refund policy is good and you can even get more than 1000 free credits if you have a justifiable reason.

X Email Extractor | Simple Instagram Scraper

Instagram scraper by XEmail Extractor

Now, This software easily extracts emails from Instagram, simplifying lead collection. Subsequently, it holds a 4.7-star Trustpilot review for email scraping and can generally gather 100k emails in 24 hours according to company data.

Moreover, it’s a top choice for marketers and business sales, ideal for cold email marketing and calls. Furthermore, credits bought for this tool never expire, offering flexibility. Notable features include:

  • Direct extraction to Google Sheets, editable as needed.
  • Fast scraping.
  • Ability to scrape followers, following, and hashtags.
  • Accessible via a web application.
  • User-friendly; no technical skills required.


  • Firstly, the Basic Plan: $42
  • Secondly, Business Plan: $118
  • Thirdly, Premium Plan: $327

ScrapingBee | Swift and Simple Instagram Scraper


Next, this IG scraper stands out as a premier Instagram scraper tool and contact finder, known for swift and simple data collection. Subsequently,  Its distinctive scraping technique extracts data from Instagram feeds.

Moreover, the Instagram data extractor tool allows the exporting of diverse information and images, including full bios, profile pictures, locations, contact info, emails, and other vital data without encountering blocks. Noteworthy features include:

  • To begin with, direct lead extraction to Google Sheets.
  • Afterward, secure email extraction for Instagram.
  • Additionally, user-friendly operation.
  • Furthermore, extensive proxy pool.
  • Moreover, the capability to remove search engine result pages.
  • Overall, JavaScript rendering.


  • Firstly, Freelance Plan: $49/month.
  • Secondly, Startup Plan: $99/month.
  • Thirdly, the Business Plan: is $249/month.
  • Lastly, Enterprise Plan: Customizable pricing.


InstaGrow Instagram email scraping

This Chrome extension IG scraper tool scrapes emails and more, like followers, followings, locations, and hashtags from Instagram. Installing and signing in to Instagram on Chrome is simple.

No IG password is needed, and no data storage or transmission. Overall, this tool has 5-star Trustpilot ratings.  Here are some tool features:

Key Features of InstaGrow Instagram Scraper

  • To begin with, extract a user’s following list through any Instagram hashtag or location.
  • Next, extract profile data: Emails, bio, follower/following count, phone, address, etc.
  • Additionally, export data as Xlsx files.
  • Furthermore, display social connections visually in graphs.


Offers a free extension option.


Smartproxy scraping tools

This tool features a social media scraping API that helps users extract data from Instagram. You can gather info like followers, following counts, user names, posts, hashtags, images, videos, reels, and sounds from your IG account. Overall, this tool has 4.7 Trustpilot reviews.  Here are key features:

Key Features of Smartproxy Instagram Scraper

  • To begin with, 80+ million high-quality residential IPs with < 0.5-sec average speed.
  • Afterward, Simple JavaScript rendering & API integration.
  • Moreover, no CAPTCHAs are needed for integration.
  • Additionally, real-time data gathering without blocks.
  • Highly scalable for larger tasks.
  • Synchronous & asynchronous requests are supported.
  • Easy integration with systems.
  • Browser fingerprints.
  • Headless scraping.
  • Proxy integration.
  • Lastly, API playground for experimentation.


  • Firstly, Lite: $50/month for 25k requests.
  • Secondly, Basic: $100/month for 100k requests.
  • Thirdly, Standard: $250/month for 275k requests.
  • Lastly, Solid: $500/month for 625k requests.”


IGLEADS.IO Instagram email finder

IGLeads.io is an innovative tool for finding email addresses on Instagram profiles. It’s easy to use, with a friendly interface and powerful search options, helping businesses and individuals find valuable contact info for leads.

Key Features:

  • Instagram Email Search: Find emails using usernames or hashtags.
  • Advanced Filters: Refine results by location, followers, engagement, and more.
  • Export Contacts: Easily export emails and user data as CSV or Excel files.
  • Data Privacy: Keeps user info and searches confidential.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Intuitive interface for easy use.
  • Continuous Support: Regular updates and dedicated customer help.


  • Initially, Starter: $49/month for 10k emails.
  • Secondly, Business: $119/month for unlimited emails.
  • Lastly, Annual: $650/month for unlimited yearly emails.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is an Instagram Scraper?

An Instagram Scraper is a software or application designed to extract data from Instagram profiles, posts, and other related information. Overall, it helps users gather information like usernames, follower counts, emails, images, and more for various purposes such as marketing, analysis, and lead generation.

2. How does an Affordable Instagram Scraper Tool work?

An affordable Instagram Scraper Tool works by utilizing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to interact with Instagram’s platform and collect data. Overall, it can navigate through profiles, posts, hashtags, and other content to extract the desired information. In addition, some tools simulate user actions, such as scrolling and clicking, to access data that would be visible from a regular user’s perspective.

3. What types of data can I extract using an Instagram Scraper?

Instagram Scraper Tools can extract a variety of data, including usernames, follower counts, following counts, email addresses, posts, likes, comments, images, videos, and more. Moreover, the exact data you can extract depends on the tool’s features and capabilities.

4. Is Using an Instagram Scraper Allowed by Instagram’s Terms of Use?

The use of Instagram Scraper often falls into a gray area in terms of Instagram’s terms of use. Subsequently, while scraping itself is not explicitly allowed and may violate Instagram’s terms, some tools operate within the bounds of acceptable usage, such as those that use public APIs and adhere to rate limits. Overall, it’s important to review the tool’s terms of use and Instagram’s policies to ensure compliance and avoid potential penalties.

The Final Thought

In the end, we hope this article will reduce your worry about finding affordable Instagram scraper tools to generate accurate and reliable leads without breaking the bank. Finally, best of luck and click on the cheap Instagram scraper tool.


Last Updated: 10/09/2023

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